New GWF power plant up and running in Hanford 90 MW plant built in less than 90 days

HANFORD, Calif., Sept. 21, 2001 — California-based GWF Energy LLC “flipped the switch” on the new Hanford Energy Park Peaker Plant — a gas-fired, simple-cycle power plant that will generate 90 megawatts of electricity for California.

As a “peaker plant,” the new facility is designed to help California meet its energy needs when the state needs it most — supplying up to 90 megawatts of power during those “peak use” times when there isn’t enough supply to meet demand.

“We want to thank Governor Davis, the City of Hanford, the California Energy Commission and the California Department of Water Resources for helping us streamline a process that normally takes 12-18 months,” said Duane Nelsen, President and CEO of GWF Energy LLC. “The streamlined process allowed us to focus on the environmental impacts and mitigations that produced the result you see today in Hanford — 90 MW that are helping the state through this difficult period. We look forward to the governor’s continued leadership in expediting power plant construction across the state and expediting the permitting process.”

The plant was built in just under three months using the Governor’s new “fast track” permitting process. GWF submitted its application on April 6, received CEC approval on May 10 and began construction on June 1.

According to Nelson, the plant is quite efficient — using clean natural gas, state-of-the-art air emissions controls, noise mitigation and recharging the local aquifer to fully offset its groundwater use. It will also generate an estimated $1 million annually in local property taxes and create about 100 local construction jobs, according to GWF analysts.

“We’re pleased to be part of California’s energy solution — while also providing benefits that impact the local economy,” said Nelsen. “The new Hanford Energy Park Peaker Plant will benefit everyone.”

Joining GWF officials at today’s commissioning were representatives from the California Energy Commission, State Senator Jim Costa (D-Fresno), State Assemblyman Dean Florez (D-Shafter), Hanford Councilman Dan Chin, Kings County Economic Development Committee President/CEO John Lehn and more than a hundred local residents.

Since 1998, GWF Energy LLC has constructed, owned and/or operated seven small power plants/cogeneration facilities in California with a combined generation capacity of about 150 megawatts.

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