New in-home energy management system provides capacity without building new power plants

MIAMI BEACH, Fla., Feb. 27, 2002 — Today at the DistribuTECH energy industry exhibition, Invensys Home Control Systems announced the launch of a new product and services offering in response to challenges and objectives adopted in the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission’s five-year Strategic Plan and President Bush’s recently announced Clear Skies Initiative.

The Invensys GoodWattsà¢â€ž- Responsive Load Management System seeks to address many of the objectives outlined in the FERC Strategic Plan and the Clear Skies Initiative.

GoodWatts System reduces the need for new power plants by controlling discretionary residential loads using new technologies that as described today, could be treated as traditional generation asset investments by the energy industry and therefore applied to the rate-base.

GoodWatts operates over existing communications infrastructure, allowing every participating home to be online all the time. The combination of this new, low cost technology and the network’s speed & capacity elevates control, measurement and verification to a new level. This quantum leap in connectivity and control, unique to the Invensys offering, has made possible an entire new level of energy offerings in support of dynamic energy pricing and related services.

The consumer does not have to subscribe to entertainment services, Internet access services, or any other specialized service to be part of the energy management system. A number of discrete devices are connected to major load circuits within the home such as air conditioners water heaters, pool pumps, or spas.

These devices are then connected via existing communication services to a central management system, which is accessed via the Internet by the consumer and the energy provider. No new wires in the home, no new cables or towers in the neighborhood. The overall system operation is so revolutionary; it is covered by five current patents and has several other patents pending. Invensys will offer other services such as Home Security, Appliance Diagnostics and Health Care Monitoring over the same infrastructure.

“GoodWatts represents the first load control system that could be included in an energy provider’s rate base,” said Jim Devlin, division President of Invensys Home Control Systems, “Because it is always-on, and connected to load consuming devices, GoodWatts provides verifiable data on how much demand reduction can be ‘turned-on’ at any moment in time.” The Invensys system allows energy providers to balance generation and demand reduction capacity by selectively cycling major discretionary loads, shifting them to off peak periods. “Generation” is gained by turning devices of participating customers “off” or down instead of turning power plants “on.” The system is considered generation as well as load control because it measures loads and “verifies” reductions in real time with revenue grade accuracy. The system uses a combination of Invensys managed services and products in partnership with communication service providers to deliver on a “new age” of cost effective residential energy management and control.

With Edison Electric Institute estimating an energy “capacity” demand that will require the equivalent of 360 thousand-Megawatt new power plants within ten years, FERC mandating that energy markets must work more “effectively” without building more generation and President Bush’s Clear Skies Initiative that mandates the “significant lowering of harmful emissions” over the next ten years. The energy industry has had few if any avenues to pursue in response to these seemingly contradictory and complex challenges, until now.

The Invensys’ GoodWatts System will make it possible to gain the same generating capacity for half the capital cost, while it lowers and slows the growth of green house gas emissions, and gives energy-market stakeholders greater flexibility and effectiveness within their service and rate offerings.

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