New Laser Atlanta mapping products improve productivity in mapping

ATLANTA, Ga., March 21, 2005 — Laser Atlanta, a laser optics technology developer and provider of measuring systems for professionals, launched new products and packages for its Advantage product line that includes a new smaller and lighter Advantage rangefinder, new Profiler II product package (for mining, blasting and profiling), new Volume II (volumetric package for stockpile volume measuring), new Walkabout GPS system (for GPS offset mapping) and Bluetooth wireless technology (for wireless connectivity). All of these new technologies use the latest in handheld computer technology and Microsoft’s mobile computing technology.

Additionally, a new battery handle that uses one or two standard, commercially available nine-volt batteries is now available. Laser Atlanta CEO James Kelly launched the new technology because of buyer interest in these new technologies and from market research that discovered the needs of the various markets that the company serves.

The new technologies are available in both an Advantage R (the ruggedized unit) or an

Advantage S (the new compact unit) and the handle with a receptacle for two standard nine-volt batteries is available for either.

“We are delighted to be able to offer these new technologies to the GIS marketplace,” states Kelly, “especially because we heard from our market research that companies in the various GIS specialties need these improvements, advancements and options. to improve their productivity and work flows.”

The Advantage is one of the professional laser measurement systems designed and manufactured by Laser Atlanta.

About Laser Atlanta

Laser Atlanta is celebrating their 16 th year as a premier designer and manufacturer of laser measurement systems for professionals. Several generations of laser sensor developments have supplied solutions for traffic monitoring and accident investigation, mapping, facilities management, surveying and blast profiling.

The wide variety of distance measurement and speed applications for lasers generates demand for custom development. Laser Atlanta engineers specialty solutions for aerospace, automotive and transportation industries. Over 6,000 units have been sold. Laser Atlanta is located in metro Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

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