New notebook/tablet PC has concurrent WAN, LAN and GPS

SECAUCUS, NJ, April 2, 2003 — Two new ruggedized portable computers are designed to convert from a notebook to a tablet and concurrently handle WAN, LAN and GPS.

Panasonic Computer Solutions Co. recently announced the launch of its two Toughbook® CF-18 notebook/pen tablet PC models.

Utilizing an advanced mobility platform and technology for maximum performance with minimal battery drain, the CF-18 features a tilting-and-swiveling 10.4-inch high-visibility XGA display panel that flips and closes over the unit’s keyboard to become a fully functional, rugged Microsoft® Windows® 2000 Professional or Windows® XP Professional Touchscreen PC tablet, or–in the digitized-screen variant–a state-of-the-art Windows® XP TabletPC.

The Toughbook 18’s convertible nature makes it suitable for claims adjusters and hospital nurses while also being able to withstand the pounding from military and public safety customers. The unit can be carried up a ladder, hung on a wall as a tablet, or mounted in a vehicle like a standard notebook.

It also offers more simultaneous connectivity options than any other computer in its class. This keeps department heads or IT managers from needing to decide between wireless LAN, Bluetoothà¢â€ž-, CDMA, or GPS access.

Typical retail notebook computers have failure rates as high as 20 percent, according to the company.

The Toughbook( CF-18’s system micro-architecture incorporates numerous specialized circuits designed to streamline operations, increase computing efficiency and prolong battery life.

Predictive analysis is used to pre-load instructions based on past program behavior for smoother, faster transitions between operations; a “merge” circuit combines diverse operations into a single executable instruction; power-optimization enhancements minimize voltage swing and eliminate battery drain by idle components; and internal tracking technology allows the processor to execute program instructions without interruption.

Communications enhancements include the ability to move from a wired to a wireless LAN connection without exiting applications and improved data throughput, operating range, and responsiveness on Bluetoothà¢â€ž- networks.

The Toughbook CF-18 Convertible is available in two models; a Windows® 2000 Professional or Windows® XP Professional Touchscreen PC notebook that converts to a tablet using standard pen extensions or proprietary Windows-compatible applications and a Windows® XP TabletPC Edition-based notebook with a magnetically digitized display that converts to a 100-percent TabletPC-compliant pen tablet.

The digitized screen in the Windows® XP TabletPC Edition model allows users to incorporate handwritten input into Microsoft® Office applications, annotate documents imported from a server or other computer, instantly change screen views from portrait to landscape mode and use pen “gestures” to perform such functions as pointing, clicking, selecting and dragging. Other features integrated into the CF-18 TabletPC Edition include handwriting-to-text conversion, speech recognition (English, Japanese and simplified Chinese), and Microsoft® ClearType® technology for maximum text readability.

An optional, transflective LCD display on the CF-18 Touchscreen PC delivers brightness in all operating environments by automatically balancing ambient light and system backlight, while the TabletPC Edition’s magnetically digitized display is precision engineered to optimize handwriting recognition, drafting and other freehand data-entry tasks.

About Panasonic Computer Solutions Co.
Panasonic Computer Solutions Co. is a provider of ruggedized notebook PCs for mobile professionals in the USA. The company is a unit company of Matsushita Electric Corporation of America, the principal North American subsidiary of Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. of Japan, which recorded annual sales of $51.70 billion in the most recent fiscal year.


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