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Protection Relay

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The F-PRO model 5100 from APT Power Technologies is a multifunction relay for comprehensive feeder protection, reclosing, metering, trend recording and fault recording. F-PRO protection includes overcurrent protection and ring-bus compatibility, plus over/under frequency load shedding and inter-tie protection. The F-Pro features direct-connect SCADA port (DNP 3.0 and Modbus), 96 samples/ cycle fault recording, 30-day data trend recording and IRIG-B support.

Data Management

The Connectivity Value Pack from M3i Systems aims to address two major concerns of energy providers: data degradation and poor connectivity in operations control rooms. The solution consists of three parts: GISimport analyzes, validates, tests and reports on GIS data and network connectivity; Customer Editor allows users to improve CIS data by cleaning up customer anomalies that often show up in the customer to transformer or device link download stages; Intelligent Land-base Editor employs a GIS land-base to let users analyze vital workload information that exists in disconnected or disassociated customer calls.


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American Innovations’ AIMON automated sub-meter combines the revenue-grade D-MON meter from E-MON Corp. with AI’s AIM ComModule automated metering device. AIMON is targeted to energy service companies and works with the AIMetering System to provide load profiles, peak demand metering and time-of-use information. AIMON clamps onto the wires that feed the existing utility meter. Power usage information is sent by telephone to the energy service company for aggregation and analysis using the AIMetering System.

Power Quality Software

AiReports 2.0 power quality software from Electro Industries provides comprehensive reports on equipment being monitored, diagnoses PQ events and provides possible causes of those events. AiReports reviews data collected by the EI monitor, analyzes the data using artificial intelligence tools, then provides an industry-accepted solution for the problem in the form of a detailed report.

Diagnostic System

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The IDA 200 insulation diagnostic system measures power transformer insulation by applying a sinusoidal voltage in a selectable frequency range from 1,000 Hz down to 0.1 MHz, while simultaneously measuring the current. The capacitance and dielectric loss of the diagnosed device are calculated and presented numerically and graphically on the instrument’s screen. The product weighs about 33 pounds and generates test voltages up to 200 V.

Communication Servers

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NetComm Device Comm-unication Servers let users connect meters, monitors, sensors and other legacy devices with RS-232/RS-485 interfaces to Ethernet-based TCP/IP networks. NetComm 3CE connects up to three different devices to a LAN, while NetComm CE provides single serial-to-Ethernet connectivity. Supports remote firmware upgrades and conversions from proprietary protocols to DNP 3.0, Modbus or other standards.

Handheld Computers

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The MICROFLEX CE5240 and CE5320 handheld computers from DAP Technologies now operate on Microsoft Windows CE 3.0. CE 3.0 integrates new applications such as CE Internet Explorer, MS Pocket Word and Pocket Inbox as well as communication and support improvements. MICRO-FLEX units are built under ISO 9001 requirements and are used in applications such as utility meter reading, process plant data collection and global positioning.

Sidebreak Switch

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The Kearney Sidebuster Type M-Force Switch from Cooper Power Systems is a distribution-class sidebreak switch with reverse loop contacts. The reverse loop contacts allow contact pressure to be maintained during fault conditions without the need for high-friction auxiliary back-up springs. The M-Force switch can be fitted with sensors and motor operator to be used in an automated environment. The switch is suited for SCADA capabilities, in-line sectionalizing, paralleling, bypassing and isolating.

GIS Platform

The Autodesk GIS Design Server integrates functions of VISION server technology with AutoCAD Map, Autodesk MapGuide and Autodesk OnSite to provide an end-to-end GIS solution for the desktop, web and field. The GIS Design Server lets employees access, visualize, edit and analyze information residing in large geographic and design databases. With GIS Design Server, organizations can eliminate traditional file-based systems, design plots and mapbook publishing.

Insulation Testers

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Brunelle Instruments’ new models 6210 and 6211 high-voltage insulation testers perform tests on service entrance cable, substation transformers, switching capacitors, motors, switchgear and high-voltage cable. The Model 6210’s test voltages are 500 V to 5,000 V DC; the 6211 tests 1 kV to 10 kV DC. Each unit has four separate voltage output ranges.

Marker System

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The Intelligent Marker System (IMS) from Radiodetection enables storage and retrieval of field-related information at the site. Small, brightly colored read-and-write devices are secured in marker poles or posts. A handheld unit writes information to or reads information from the markers.

Energy Version 6

New version 6 of Peace Software’s Energy software suite includes an integrated commodity management system, enhanced business-to-consumer e-commerce system, an easy-to-use browser user interface, customer enrollment and billing functionality, and support for the Oracle 8i database system and Sun Solaris 7 computing system. The new version offers customer-focused Internet capabilities, including online bill presentment and payment.

Network Data Management

FastGate from Coherent Networks gives utilities the ability to deploy operations support systems based on the utility’s specific requirements. FastGate is available in three different configurations to integrate, enhance, validate and maintain source data, and is universally deployable to target systems, regardless of source platform. FastGate ensures fast access to accurate data, facilitating decision making, improving operational efficiency and enhancing customer service.

Pole Analysis

Mobile software solution LD-StructureCalc is a single-pole analysis application that field technicians can use to determine structural strength demands of attachments to poles. The application’s nonlinear finite element calculation capabilities can accurately determine pole, guy and anchor loads. Users enter structure, conductor and equipment information on a laptop and analyze poles on the spot. Sag and tension calculations are performed in real-time and for multiple load cases.


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