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Field Assets App 

LBS Wireless launched a field data collection application for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Field Assets is now available on the App Store for field data collection. Field Assets makes it easy for mobile workers with Apple iPhones or iPods to collect data on assets and their attributes in the field and wirelessly export the information in real time. The application utilizes GPS, maps, camera, voice recording and free form text. You don’t need to be a GIS professional to use the application. With the application users can customize their own set of assets and attributes; verify their location and the location of an asset using the map screen; enter information, record voice notes and take photos of assets and their attributes; share asset data between devices using peer to peer Bluetooth connectivity; export the asset data via email, Twitter and the inbuilt WiFi server; e-mail Google Earth KMZ files and CSV files to co-workers and clients; download asset data posted on Twitter using Google earth, Google maps and Tweetphoto; display asset data using the inbuilt HTML webpage; and, download asset data.
LBS Wireless

Events Recorder

 AMETEK Power Instruments, a recognized leader in alarm management products, has introduced an advanced web-based alarm management system that captures critical alarms with 1 millisecond precision in accordance with new NERC requirements for sequence of events recording. AMETEK’s SER Alarm Manager is ideally suited for newly enforced NERC requirements that mandate sequential events recording for substations and generation plants with synchronization to real time in order to analyze wide area disturbances and compare the sequence of events as they occur. SER can be synchronized to real time through GPS clocks using IRIG-B and NTP time inputs and can monitor alarms across multiple locations with a consolidated single display providing a “Ëœbig picture’ view of the power system as opposed to manually examining event records from a variety of equipment types. The SER Recorder is a distributed, network-enabled alarm manager that captures high-speed alarms in the sequence they occur for quick determination of the root cause. The alarms are displayed on a web browser hosted by the SER for easy analysis and include real time outputs via serial and Ethernet ports.
AMETEK Power Instruments

Safe Connector

Anderson Power Products, a leader in the design and manufacture of interconnect solutions, announces the launch of the Saf-D-Grid connector system for use in the direct connection of DC electronic devices to a DC micro grid. This connector system is ideal for use in DC servers or any device connecting directly to renewable energy sources such as Solar or Wind power. The Saf-D-Grid connector system meets international safety requirements for low voltage applications to 400 VDC including UL950 and IEC60950. The low profile panel receptacle is designed to fit the standard panel cut-out for IEC320 C14 outlets while providing touch safe connections up to 20 amperes at 600 VDC.
Anderson Power Products

Phase Rotation Meter 

AEMC introduces the Phase Rotation Meter Model 6608 and the Phase & Motor Rotation Meter Model 6609. The Phase Rotation Meter Model 6608 and Phase & Motor Rotation Meter Model 6609 are compact and rugged meters designed to identify phase rotation on 3-Phase systems and identify live and open/de-energized phases. The Model 6609 is ideal tool for measuring the proper rotation using a non-contact technique of motors, conveyors, pumps and other electrical devices interconnected on the power line system before installation where direction of rotation is dependent on proper phase hook-up.

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