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 Green Tractor-trailer, Crimping Tool 

Burndy introduces its new certified green idle tractor-trailer. This truck is one of the first in the U.S. to meet 2010 emissions standards. This tractor-trailer uses an auxiliary power system to generate power for cab heating, cab cooling and operating ancillary cab appliances. These units also may be used to heat the engine block in cold weather and recharge the vehicle’s battery. Because of the engine’s small size, operating an auxiliary power system uses only a fraction of the fuel that would be used by idling the vehicle’s primary engine.

Burndy also introduces the PATRIOT PATMD6-14V series crimping tools. These new, high-performance tools use 14.4V Ni-MH batteries but are 50 percent faster than other brands using lithium-ion batteries and are 80 percent faster than previous Burndy models, according to the company. The tools may be used in virtually any position because they have rotatable jaws and audible pop-off crimp indicators.

Dielectric Vacuum Switches

Built on the ultra series solid dielectric vacuum switch platform, Maysteel’s UltraSync capacitor switches offer exceptional reliability and durability in synchronous close/zero voltage close applications, according to the company. UltraSync switches are available with 200A and 400A ratings for 15, 25 and 35kV applications. Available in single-phase or three-phase configurations, UltraSync switches deliver zero volt closing within 800 millionths of a second when using the Valquest Z-Cap control.

 Enterprise Digital Assistant

The Enterprise Mobility Solutions division of Motorola Inc. announces the newest addition to its mobile computing portfolio, the ES400 global enterprise digital assistant (EDA). The ES400 has integrated voice and data capabilities. Motorola’s smallest and lightest EDA combines a sleek form with advanced performance. Built on the Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.5 platform, the ES400 EDA enables utility workers to collect data and access business-critical applications and back-end systems on the spot. Key enterprise features include: Customizable Motorola Enterprise User Interface (MEUI), one button push-to-scan, 3-inch screen and standard battery power. The new ES400 will be the first Motorola mobile computer to be carrier-branded, stocked and sold to enterprises through the Sprint Direct and Business Solutions Partners sales channels.

Engineering on the Cloud

Tatsoft launches engineering on the cloud for HMI/SCADA solutions.

Software as a service (SaaS) rapidly is becoming a popular and effective way to access important applications. Cloud computing is being seen in more production environments than before. As an alternative to hosting an often extensive data set, upgrading servers and other equipment and software and purchasing licenses, FactoryStudio on the cloud provides access to this powerful application suite, reducing total ownership cost. To run completely offline applications, Tatsoft also supports local on-premises licenses that allow the published applications to run independently from any remote server. Tatsoft’s FactoryStudio offers the ability to design, build and manage projects with complete flexibility.

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