Single Phase Recloser

G&W Electric Co. has extended its line of solid dielectric reclosers with a versatile, modular unit designed specifically for single-phase systems rated through 38kV, 800A, 12.5kA symmetrical interrupting. Trade named the Viper-SP, the recloser is available in a standard “L” configuration as well as a low-profile, horizontal insulator configuration ideal for congested overhead or substation applications to maintain electrical clearances. The modular construction of G&W’s Viper-SP permits bushing configurations providing ideal solutions for overhead, substation and dead-front padmount applications. The G&W recloser works directly with Schweitzer’s SEL-351RS Kestrel control. Dead tank construction with a mechanical block feature prohibits remote close, adding to operator safety. The Viper-SP is distribution automation–ready, permitting ease of automation now or for future requirements.

G&W Electric

CT Analyzer

The Omicron CT Analyzer provides fast, comprehensive testing of current transformers for protection and metering applications. The improved analyzer features additional software functions and new hardware accessories. As a new measurement function for the CT Analyzer, the RemAlyzer allows current transformers to be tested for residual magnetism. (Residual magnetism may occur in current transformers because of very high currents or DC offsets during fault conditions. Core saturation effects caused by residual magnetism may lead to the incorrect operation of protection relays.) The new CT SB2 switch box for the automated testing of multi-ratio CTs is available as a stand-alone unit. This can be attached to the CT Analyzer, thus eliminating the need for re-wiring. This provides simple, color-coded, six-channel connection possibilities guaranteeing convenient wiring and avoiding time-consuming, error-prone reconnection.


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