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Energy Efficiency


Through strategic placement near motors, transformers, inductive heating and arc welding generators, Maysteel’s SmartBanks for low-voltage power factor correction (LV PFC) provide energy efficiency and savings by shaving kVA and kVAR peaks that drive up energy bills. Part of the SmartBank series of power quality solutions, Maysteel’s LV PFC three-phase capacitor banks deliver 2.5kVAR to 60kVAR at 240V, 60HZ, and 2.5kVAR to 120kVAR at 480V, 60HZ and are designed for commercial and industrial applications.


Current Measurement


Current measurement at high voltages has become a big issue in this age of smart grid and FERC regulations. Southern States’ CMD II revolutionary technology measures current on high-voltage systems with zero footprint, no solid insulation to ground and no batteries. It uses 5.8 GHz communication technology to transfer data securely, economically and reliably from the high-voltage system to ground potential in real time. Ideal for space constrained retrofits.
Southern States


Port Server


Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories Inc. (SEL) introduced the SEL-3610 port server, the latest addition to SEL’s secure communications lineup. The SEL-3610 economically expands serial port availability and secures Ethernet access to serial products. The new port server adds 17 serial ports for communications processors and or computers and communicates over Ethernet using Secure Shell (SSH), Telnet or raw TCP protocols. With SSH, the SEL-3610 provides secure engineering access and restricts all unconfigured logical and physical ports. Users can simplify configuration and maintenance from a secure (https) Web interface, eliminating PC configuration software. Customers easily can configure and manage serial ports, IRIG-B time source and security features from the Web interface, and they can synchronize time accurately for event logs or for time-sensitive applications such as synchrophasors. The port server synchronizes and sends IRIG-B or network time protocol information.


Capacitor Controls


HD Electric Co.’s VarCom communicating capacitor controls with ComFlex are communications-ready. The controls can be deployed two ways: with factory-installed communications or as local controls with the ability to upgrade with communications. This allows them to work with various systemwide VAR management strategies. HDE’s capacitor controls provide VAR and voltage support on power distribution systems. When installed on switched capacitor banks, these controls help maximize power system efficiencies and improve power factor.
HD Electric Company


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