Locking Ring

Highfield Manufacturing Co., a global producer of utility industry security systems, offers a locking ring for smart meters. Highfield’s AMLR (Advanced Meter Locking Ring) is designed for advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) and automatic meter reading (AMR) ring-type meter enclosures. The new ring gives electric utilities an affordable tool to help guard against tampering and theft, to protect their investment and to ensure metering accuracy. The AMLR is easy and quick to install. A key is not required for installation because a preloaded barrel lock and end cap are included with each ring, giving utilities an extra level of key control. Also, the notched rear flange of the ring allows rapid mounting in the field. The AMLR can be supplied in stainless steel or case-hardened carbon steel and includes a short or long barrel lock made of the same metal alloy. The ring is manufactured to American National Standards Institute (ANSI) meter standards.

Highfield Manufacturing Co. 

Step-up Transformer 

Pacific Crest Transformers, a leader in the design and construction of liquid-filled distribution transformers, offers the PCT WTSU step-up transformer specially designed for the wind farm turbine market. The WTSU includes round coils, a cruciform, mitered core with heavy-duty clamping and a proprietary pressure plate design, as well as a premium no-load tap changer. The PCT design features circular windings that spread the radial forces evenly over their circumference and has cooling ducts throughout the coils, eliminating hot spots that lead to premature breakdown and transformer failure. Coil end blocking with heavy–duty, three-gauge steel bracing and proprietary pressure plates contains the axial forces exerted during a fault condition.

Pacific Crest Transformers 

Wireless Module 

On-Ramp Wireless Inc., a provider of low-power, wide-area scalable wireless networking systems, rolled out its eNode Wireless modules six months ahead of schedule. Its fast turnaround was facilitated by eASIC’s Nextreme NEW ASICs, which is a part of the eNODE baseband processing engine. eNODE wireless modules are used in wide-area, low-power and low-data rate applications such as sensor monitoring, utility distribution automation, smart metering and location tracking. Nextreme new ASICs provide designers with a platform for reducing the time (and development cost) of custom chip designs, compared with traditional, cell-based ASICs. Designers can implement designs and receive back fully tested chips in a fraction of the time, enabling early customer traction and market penetration. In addition to enabling fast market access, eASIC’s patented technology enables device manufacturing to start ahead of design completion.

eASIC and On-Ramp Wireless 

Power Restoration Unit

Hipotronics Power Temp Thirty (PT-30) is the first 30kVA secondary power restoration unit introduced to the market. The PT-30 is designed to restore underground secondary service temporarily when one conductor has failed or has been damaged and two conductors are operational. Oversized tires and large hand cart allow for easy maneuverability across uneven surfaces. With a built-in 150A breaker, voltage indicator lights and handheld meter outputs, the PT-30 ensures power is restored quickly and safely. 


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