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Bushing Monitor


The new transformer bushing monitor (TBM) system from Serveron, a BPL Global company, permits live power factor testing with no downtime, equipment removal or off-line tests that fall short of testing online performance. Tests are conducted every five minutes using the Shering bridge voltage measurement technique to determine power factor. The system includes trending analysis and diagnostics software to evaluate power factor data for each bushing being monitored. An upgrade option for up to 9 sensors interfaces with SCADA systems. The TBM Live Plus version enables continuous online monitoring of power factor data from your desktop.


Networking Solution


ECI Telecom, global provider of networking infrastructure solutions, has added built-in support for interfacing with teleprotection equipment through optical fiber links. ECI’s BroadGate micro-Multi-Service Provisioning Platform now supports the IEEE C37.94 standard for teleprotection to meet the unique communication networking challenges of power utilities that are ready to transition to smart grid technology. ECI makes it possible for teleprotection equipment to connect directly with the BroadGate platform through optical fiber, reducing system complexity and risk of environmental interference with mission critical data transmissions. The entire BroadGate line delivers features that are optimized for the networking requirements of power and other types of utilities. The BroadGate converged end-to-end platform delivers a highly secure network communications infrastructure, reduces points of failure to improve overall performance and is managed by ECI’s LightSoft unified network management system.
ECI Telecom


Current Recording


The Simple Logger II Model ML912 is a two-channel, AC-current recording device powered by alkaline batteries. It incorporates two user selectable measurement ranges of 0.5 to 100 amps and 5 to 1,000 amps. Line tracking is performed such that 64 samples over one line cycle are taken. Frequency tracking is performed over the range of ±2 Hz around the nominal line frequency (50 or 60 Hz). Harmonic measurements are calculated from these 64 samples (and are only available from the Simple Logger II Control Panel within the DataView software). The Simple Logger II stores TRMS at user programmable rates of up to eight times per second. TRMS calculations are performed on a single line cycle. Analog information on the input is sampled and converted to a digital signal.

AEMC Instruments


Remote Intelligent Gateways


Cooper Power Systems, a division of Cooper Industries Ltd., has remote intelligent gateways (RIGs) with the SMP 16/SP solution. The advanced Cooper SMP Gateways allow quicker replacement of legacy RIGs resulting in improved productivity for field personnel and increased network security. The new gateways are part of Cooper Power System’s energy automation solutions (EAS) smart grid portfolio and will enable market participants to meet new integration and security requirements. Cooper Power System’s SMP 16/SP Gateway is a substation-grade computer created to operate in harsh environments. It has been designed without fans or other moving parts to be a reliable computing platform requiring minimal maintenance. Cooper Power Systems’ Yukon Visual T&D software runs on the SMP Gateway and provides a complete data integration and communication solution, as well as a local graphical user interface to make configuration and management flexible and efficient.
Cooper Power Systems


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