New Products and Literature

Valve systems

The flow control division has published a new brochure detailing the features and benefits of its quarter-turn control valve systems. Highlighted in the bulletin are Durco and Atomac rotary valves and Automax valve automation products. Among the control valves features in the brochure are Durco PTFE sleeved G4 and fully PTFE lined T-41/43 valves with characterized plugs, and the bulletin also contains a section about ball valves.
Flowserve Corp.

Rigid borescopes

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A full selection of industrial rigid borescopes is now available, including swing prism, rotary scan and mini-rigids-with a wide selection of diameters, lengths, and tip con-figurations. They feature all-metal body construction and patented triple-tube shaft design (outer, inner and optical), along with fine precision optics for superior image resolution.
Everest VIT

On-line service is a new provider of maps and map-related products and services with products ranging from consumer mapping items such as atlases, globes, and gifts to products for GIS and business, including GPS hardware and software, digital maps, and mapping software.
Cartica Corp.

Leak Monitor

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INTEK Inc., developer and manufacturer of RheoVac line flow instruments for liquid and gas flow monitoring, now offers the RheoVac Sentry Monitoring System for real-time, multi-point monitoring of condenser air in-leakage within steam turbine power plants. The real time data provided by the RheoVac Sentry system allows plant personnel to easily determine if air in-leakage, degraded exhauster equipment, or fouled condenser tubing is the cause of excess back pressure.

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New Products and Literature

Air-flow sensor

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The new vent-captor from weber Sensors Inc. (, measures flow of air or gaseous media, utilizing a calorimetric principle pioneered by weber. The vent-captor has no moving parts, can measure low flow rates (0-1 meter/second) as well as high (0-30 meters/second), can operate as a single or dual set point alarm or control or provide a linearized, 4-20 MA analog output for metering. Unique features include field adjustable span and set point with LED indication of flow and optional stainless steel housing.
weber Sensors Inc.

Ethernet hub

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The new ethernet hub 4900 series is an 8 port optical hub also with internal power supplies. All hubs are available with 850nm and 1310nm multi-mode and 1350nm single-mode optics. The 4900 series devices can be powered directly by 24 to 48Vdc or 90 to 250Vac/dc. All power supplies are SWC to ANSI/IEEE and IEC, and all products are compatible with IEEE 10Base-T and 10Base-FL standards. The 4900 hub works with DYMEC’s family of hardened ethernet links.


The open neutral tester from Sure Proof Testing ( has a built-in feature to allow service technicians to apply a load to the service panel with the flip of a switch. It can apply a load to each hot leg by changing the switch direction. Used to locate poor connections and broken conductors, the open neutral tester is fine for both single phase (120/240) and three phase (120/208). It can even test four-wire subfeeds for modulars and mobile homes.
Sure Proof Testing

Technical center brochure

A new brochure is available that outlines product development and testing capabilities, staff and facilities present at the Edison Technical Institute in Franksville, Wis. The brochure describes the center’s role for both Cooper and its customers. It details work done and resources used, along with the center’s use as an “information factory.”
Cooper Power Systems

Control systems

The human machine interface (HMI) protection, monitoring, and control systems for distribution substations are now available. The HMI complements protection and control devices by enabling users to monitor and manipulate them from an HMI-equipped PC (to be located wherever it is needed). Communications to a remote HMI or supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) system and dial-in/dial-out capabilities are also supported. Customized systems are available to meet specific customer requirements.
Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories

Power transducer

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The new Phaser programmable power transducer has metering-class accuracy, disturbance and analyzer speed, and measures each phase voltage and current over ten thousand times each second. Digital signal processing simultaneously distills this data into every major electrical variable-from per-phase THD to 3-phase reactive power-in under three cycles. This transducer has a standard 9-pin serial port and DC volt output options.
Second Wind