New range of pressure/level transmitters available with remote electronics

DANBURY, Conn., July 25, 2005 — Process Measurement & Controls, Inc. (PMC) is pleased to announce a new range of pressure/level transmitters with remote local display – Series PT/EL. The transmitters incorporate the well proven PMC patented flush-mount sensors for reliable monitoring of fluids where clogging substances or sanitary requirements are involved. The sensor, available in various packages, can be submerged into the fluid or mounted directly into the pipe or tank. The remote electronics and display, also available in a range of housings, can be located up to 60 feet from the sensor for ease of viewing and away from potentially hazardous conditions. FM/CSA certified configurations are available. All models are CE marked.

These transmitters are ideal for tank level or pressure monitoring in water/waste, paper/pulp, food/beverage and pharmaceutical industries. Manufactured from chemical resistant materials including Haver, Hastelloy, Inconel and Stainless Steel, the PT/EL remote sensors offer pressure ranges from 5″ WC to 500 psi and provide 4-20 mA and/or Hart® protocol communication. Excellent long term stability is provided by a ceramic capacitance sensor with ASIC characterization and rangeability. Proven PMC packaging is enhanced by up to 10 times pressure overload without damage to provide high reliability supported by a 2-year warranty.

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PMC has been designing, manufacturing and delivering “Made in the USA” level/pressure transmitters for more than 40 years and is proud to offer this new range of products to both its domestic and international customers.

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