New report examines impact of globalization on U.S. energy industry

New York, NY, April 10, 2006 — In a report titled “The Winds of Change — Will EPAct 2005 and International Competition for Energy Supplies Shift Market Outlooks?” senior analysts from Black & Veatch’s management consulting division, enterprise management solutions (EMS), review the potential impacts of growing international economies on domestic energy markets and examine ways in which EPAct 2005 may be a catalyst for change.

According to Stephen A. Stolze, managing director in EMS, the report reviews recent performance of local, regional and diversified regulated utility sectors versus diversified competitive and competitive merchant sectors. It summarizes future energy price outlooks, and compares the revenue potential of natural gas fired generation versus coal and nuclear. The paper also reviews growth strategies for utilities and examines the future viability of the independent power producer business model.

“Year after year we look at industry fundamentals and while certain economic milestones such as widespread bankruptcies, debt restructurings and ratings downgrades have captured headlines, little of significance has happened to change the long-term trends for energy usage and pricing since industry restructuring changed the natural gas and electricity markets,” said Stolze, who authored the report.

Stolze added that EMS expects the effects of globalization and international competition for energy supplies to also drive market changes. Topics of higher interest will be the impact of EPAct 2005 on strategies for growth, the impact of high natural gas prices on the future use of coal and the impact of higher energy prices on consumption.

A complete copy of the report can be obtained by emailing a request here.

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