New software allows electrical engineering analysis and GIS to run from single database

DENVER, Colo., March 8, 2005 — Powel-MiniMax Corp. has demonstrated the ability to run Electrical Engineering Analysis and GIS from a single data source through their new suite of software, Utility Decision Support Platform (UDSP). UDSP’s shared database and single user interface allow utilities to run multiple engineering calculations directly from their GIS, providing immediate graphical and tabular results. The company exhibited the new UDSP solution at the Geospatial Information & Technology Association (GITA) 2005 Annual Conference in Denver, Colorado.

Utilities will now have the ability to maintain electrical and geographical models in a single user interface. Before UDSP, most utility companies completed engineering calculations through a lengthy process of imports and exports between point solutions with conflicting data sources and interfaces. This process, which traditionally took hours to complete, will now take only seconds through UDSP, according to the company.

“Powel-MiniMax’s UDSP solution finally brings practical application convergence to GIS,” said Corey Maple, CEO of Powel-MiniMax. “For example, utilities are now able to run Electrical Engineering Analysis within a GIS, along with multiple additional applications on one common platform. Imagine instantly calculating the load flows and voltage drop on your system as you switch feeders during an outage and showing over-limit conditions right on your maps.”

Maple continued, “By establishing a platform, utilities can now have universal access to accurate data.”

UDSP provides a universal source for integrated data, from planning through operations, all accessible from the field or the office. Powel-MiniMax configures each UDSP database to the specific needs of the utility, allowing for customized access to all critical business information and making possible more informed, real-time decisions. The software modules of UDSP are available separately or as part of an integrated platform.

The components in the UDSP database can be seamlessly presented in single-line diagrams and geospatial maps. There are nine modules supported by Powel-MiniMax’s UDSP:

The Field Design Module is designed to run on Microsoft Tablet PC OS. It has a built-in rule-base defined by construction standards and performs the following functions:
* Field data collection and validation, including GPS and laser field measurement
* Structural analysis and electrical calculations
* Automatic two-way field-to-office data synchronization
* Creation of construction documents (staking sheets, cost estimates, maps, CPR, and One-Call reports)

The Planning & Project Management Module runs electrical system impact analysis, engineering design, and sag and clearance calculations. It also provides a mechanism to document system additions and replacements, and performs project administration.

The Maintenance Module is used for preventive, routine, corrective and state-based maintenance, fault history, work orders, and inspection records.

The Outage Management Module handles consumer outage detection notification, point of outage prediction, crew dispatch and tracking, planned outage notification, and outage reporting.

The GIS Module facilitates spatial and land-based analysis, map production and publication, and spatial presentation of electrical analysis results.

The Asset Management Module performs reliability analysis/ predictive failure, complete electrical system documentation, and statistical plant analysis and reporting. It can also query, visualize, and edit the asset database.

The Work Order Management Module provides historical construction trend analysis, work order lifecycle tracking, and materials handling.

The Engineering Analysis Module allows load balancing, capacitor placement, short circuit and fault analysis, voltage drop, and transformer sizing.

The Web Viewing Module enables map viewing, data dissemination, Web-based work order management, and customer work order tracking.

UDSP is the first solution offering from Powel-MiniMax, a North American utility industry software provider that formed from the January 2005 merger of MiniMax Corporation of St. Paul, Minnesota, and Powel ASA, of Trondheim, Norway.

About Powel-MiniMax

Powel-MiniMax, a privately held North American-based organization has nearly two decades of combined experience providing productivity and automation solutions for the utility industry. Combining the technical expertise of American mobile utility work order specialists MiniMax and Scandinavian energy software system designers Powel ASA created a unique opportunity to develop the Utility Decision Support Platform (UDSP).

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