New Software Enables Efficient System Capacity Use

EPRI recently demonstrated a new software application tool, Dynamic Security Assessment (DSA), that it says can help utilities lower power transmission costs through more efficient use of system capacity. The generally accepted transmission parameters usually provide safe calculations, but, according to EPRI, they sometimes either exceed safety limitations or are overly conservative.

“DSA enables power companies to improve the use of electric transmission assets by analyzing trends and confidently operating closer to system limits,” said Peter Hirsch, EPRI’s DSA project manager. “Poorly understood voltage and dynamic constraints can unnecessarily narrow the limits, reducing a utility’s competitive position and increasing costs.”

DSA offers online detection and analysis of stability problems and determines safe operating transfer limits on key interfaces within the electric power grid. Online calculation of the dynamic transfer parameters allows an operator to more accurately and quickly assess the actual transfer limits on critical transmission lines than permitted by traditional off-line methods. DSA information, which is based on real-time data, also enables the operator to determine trends in the transfer limits and act accordingly if the limits fall below minimal standards. Operators also can use a DSA study mode option to investigate the effects on the grid of an event, such as generation or transmission grid changes, planned for the next hour or day.

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