New solar energy program approved; $3.2 billion in incentives provided

San Francisco, CA, Jan. 13, 2006 — The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) voted 3-1 to approve the country’s largest solar energy program. The initiative will provide $3.2 billion in incentives for solar systems on California rooftops over the next 11 years, enough for 3,000 MW of solar power, or the equivalent of 1 million residential-sized solar systems.

“Over 50,000 Californians–a Commission record–emailed the Commission asking for this action. A recent Field Poll put support at 73%–even without explaining the benefits. It is clear that Californians wants solar to be a part of our energy solution,” said David Hochschild of the Vote Solar Initiative.

“Events of the past year have dramatically underscored the need for changes in how we produce our energy. This is something that we can’t afford not to do,” said Adam Browning of the Vote Solar Initiative. “A program of this size is what’s needed to build the economies of scale necessary to bring solar into the mainstream–and that provides hope in the fight against global warming” said Browning.

The program has been endorsed by the Bay Area Council, the New Voice Business and many municipal Chambers of Commerce (including San Francisco and Oakland).

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