New Transformer Significantly Reduces Electrical Losses

New Transformer Significantly Reduces Electrical Losses

AlliedSignal and Dynapower Corp. have formed a joint venture company called UltraGlas Power Products, which will design and manufacture advanced, ultra energy-efficient transformers for use in electric distribution for industrial and utility applications. The new dry-type cast coil transformer will reduce electrical losses up to 80 percent, while providing increased energy efficiency, improved operating costs and lower total ownership costs. UltraGlas transformers will combine AlliedSignal`s Metglas amorphous metal cores with Dynapower`s propriety Ultracast Rectoval cost coil transformer design.

“This is the first venture to combine the safety and reliability benefits of cast coil technology with the superior efficiency qualities of Metglas amorphous metal alloy. The UltraGlas transformer is a product that helps increase electrical efficiency while supporting the economic plans of growing economies,” said Bruce Fisher, AlliedSignal amorphous metals vice president and general manager.

The random, non-crystalline atomic structure of Metglas amorphous metal alloy allows for easier magnetization than silicon steel when a magnetic field is applied, resulting in a transformer with significantly less no-load losses.


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