New turnkey solution automates customer service for increased operational efficiency & customer satisfaction

OTTAWA, Canada, June 25, 2002 — Pronexus Inc., a provider of interactive voice response (IVR) solutions, recently announced the general availability of Utilities OnCallâ„-, a turnkey IVR solution for customer service in utility organizations.

In addition, the company also announced two lead customers for the product, London Hydro and Rancho California Water District (RCWD). Utilities OnCall delivers immediate and recognizable benefits to utility organizations looking to reduce operating and agent costs and to increase customer satisfaction.

The product combines a proven scaleable architecture with a comprehensive feature set to help automate routine tasks, such as account and billing inquiries or meter readings. A series of enhanced features such as outage messaging and automatic outbound notification for delinquent accounts, speech recognition and text-to-speech provides even greater efficiencies and customer satisfaction.

Since Utilities OnCall is the result of real world implementations, cost and performance are predictable, scalability is proven, and flexibility is second to none. Rapid implementation delivers faster time to benefit, and future changes can be readily accommodated. Using Utilities OnCall, Rancho California Water District (RCWD) was able to implement round-the-clock customer service, lower agent costs and increase efficiency.

The system handles 40% of call volume, and has enabled RCWD to increase customer satisfaction and to grow its customer base without adding additional customer service staff. Callers are able to check account balances and payment schedules, while outage messaging and outbound dialing help the company deal with service interruptions and overdue accounts.

“The Pronexus IVR system allows us to serve more customers in the same amount of time, and it also has proven to be very convenient for our customers to use,” commented Jeff Armstrong, Accounting Manager at RCWD. “It allows us to serve our customer better and in a more cost effective manner.”

London Hydro is another customer of Utilities OnCall. With a customer base of more than 132,000, the company was able to free up call center resources for more demanding issues by automating water and hydro meter readings. The results in cost savings and customer response speak for themselves.

As a drop-in solution, Utilities OnCall already processes between 800-1000 meter readings per day, is available around the clock, and the savings are significant.

“We are more than pleased with the results to date,” commented Karen Fawcett, Manager of Customer Services at London Hydro. “Customer response has been overwhelmingly positive allowing London Hydro to deal with the heavy demands of deregulation without requiring additional resources.”

“In today’s environment, utility companies have to maximize operational efficiency to keep ahead of the competition,” commented Gary T. Hannah, Pronexus President & CEO. “Utilities OnCall answers the needs of customer service and finance departments alike, and delivers measurable ROI to our customer organizations, while at the same time increasing customer satisfaction.”

About Pronexus
Pronexus Inc. is a computer telephony applications specialist with partners and customers in over 110 countries. The company is the developer of OnCall(tm), a line of turnkey CT business solutions for a variety of industries and applications.

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