Next-generation utility simulator offered in the U.S. and Canada

SACRAMENTO, Calif., April 20, 2005 — PLEXOS Solutions LLC has been formed to be the exclusive distributor of PLEXOS for Power Systems in the U.S. and Canada. PLEXOS is the most advanced utility simulation package on the market. Developed over six years the product utilizes state-of-the-art mathematics (LP/QP/MIP) to solve the toughest problems in the electric utility business.

“PLEXOS represents the next generation of utility simulation software. It is built from the ground up on a foundation of optimization technology,” said Mark Henwood, Chairman of PLEXOS Solutions LLC. “This is especially important given the high return-on-investment for improved operations and planning decisions in the utility industry,” he added.

“I am really excited to be able to offer this quality of solution to power companies. PLEXOS resolves problems present in other products and has a huge lead due to Dr. Drayton’s innovative efforts in developing the product over the last six years” said Eric Toolson, PE, CEO of PLEXOS Solutions LLC. “We expect to increase our existing US customer base significantly over the next twelve months as organizations learn the benefits of using PLEXOS in operations, planning/risk, and market simulation” Toolson said.

“Mark and Eric are the partners I have been looking for to bring PLEXOS to North America,” explained Glenn Drayton, CEO of Drayton Analytics. “They are really knowledgeable about the business solutions and needs of our customers. This is allowing us to do an even better job of making PLEXOS the premier solution in the industry” Drayton added.

About PLEXOS for Power Systems

PLEXOS can be deployed as either a desktop solution or embedded in enterprise systems. PLEXOS uses an industrial strength LP/QP/MIP solver to deliver solutions to tough utility problems. Together with Dr. Drayton’s proven formulation of the energy/AS co-optimization problem, PLEXOS is the platform at over 25 organizations for solving problems in:

* Operations – unit commitment and transactions, bid optimization
* Planning / risk – emission and fuel allocations, asset evaluation, and budgeting
* Market Analysis – multiple models of competition, realistic operating reserve enforcement, integrated expansion planning
* Transmission Analysis – large networks with complex constraints, integrated unit commitment and network dispatch, LMP price formation

About PLEXOS Solutions LLC [ ]

The Company is solely focused on bringing software solutions to utilities, gencos, consultants, and ISOs. The management team understands this market and knows how to assist customers to deploy the next generation solution.

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