Nexus Energyguide launches new web portal offering students environmental information

WELLESLEY, Mass., Oct. 24, 2001 – An energy e-CRM company is launching a campaign to build customer loyalty and retention, starting with students.

With its newly unveiled portal,, Nexus Energyguide has given companies the tool they need to increase customer retention, gain valuable branding awareness in the community and help out the environment at the same time. The portal is an extension of the Get EcoSmart! program (formerly known as In Concert with the Environment).

The Get EcoSmart! program, and now the new portal at, reaches students in middle and high schools across the country to teach them how energy and the environment are intertwined and what they and their families can do to become more responsible energy consumers. But the effects reach much further than just the classes that participate.

Holly Jordan, Project Manager, at the Tennessee Valley Authority, one of the 25+ utilities that have sponsored the program across the nation so far, says the company has watched the benefits reach regular utility customers. “In addition to the significant public and community relations value there is for any individual company, working together to help consumers conserve resources is increasingly important given growing energy demands. We want to send a message to our future customers and future leaders that we want them to make a difference and let them know that we support them 100%. “

So far, the Get EcoSmart! Program has reached roughly 1 million students in 20 states through its largely off-line classroom program. Nexus Energyguide moved the program online to to answer a growing demand for more high-tech classroom teaching tools. In the meantime, students in the Get EcoSmart! Program will now be able to access Nexus Energyguide’s energy saving tools, including an online Home Energy Analyzer, on the web.

The site creates a community of teachers, students and parents, allowing them to share lesson plans, problems, solutions, feedback and results. The localized portal answers a growing need for specialized online communities that let community members interact on a localized basis – a pent-up demand that’s proven successful for other specialized web sites that have flourished even as the larger, nationwide web sites have floundered.

The Get EcoSmart! curriculum meets several national standards and benchmarks for Science Education as well as many state specific curriculum objectives.

Utilities sponsor the environmental education program at local schools for a per-student fee that ranges depending on the services the utility offers and the number of students. Those marketing dollars pay back ten-fold with the reach – not only students, but parents who watch as students bring home useful energy-saving information and save more money on monthly utility bills.

“Get EcoSmart! enables a sponsor to demonstrate its commitment to environmental issues and to local schools,” said Harvey Michaels, CEO of Nexus Energyguide. “It also presents another way for sponsors to get their brand and message across to participants and other community members.”

Get EcoSmart! is offered free of charge to schools through sponsorships from utilities and other community-minded organizations. A tour of the program is available at Companies interested in sponsoring the Get EcoSmart! program should contact:

East Coast – Tom Pirone at or 781-283-9160

West Coast – Susan Imm at or 480-752-3808.

About Nexus Energyguide

Nexus Energyguide ( delivers energy related e-CRM products and services that help utilities and energy companies support customer care, customer retention, and customer acquisition. Since 1997, Nexus’ unique tools and information services have enabled users to analyze their energy use, compare options, and take action to reduce costs.

Nexus Energyguide’s tools and information are delivered to consumers via web, CD-ROM, e-mail and direct mail channels. Nexus Energyguide has developed relationships with major utilities and energy companies nationwide resulting in over 40 energy company partners serving nearly 50% of the nation’s consumers and businesses. In addition, Nexus Energyguide has developed over 20 partner relationships with non-energy companies including retailers, appliance manufacturers, service providers, real estate networks and others that wish to provide energy-related content and commerce to their customers.

Nexus Energyguide maintains a consumer direct site at that showcases the tools being delivered by our partners to their customers on a private label or co-branded basis


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