NexusData receives $50 million contract for Georgia automated meter reading system

DALLAS, July 30, 2001 – NexusData, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Nexus Telocation Systems Ltd., and a provider of wireless wide area data collection and information management solutions for the utility industry, announced today signing a contract with IMServ (Invensys Management Services) LLC, a unit of Invensys plc and a energy services company.

NexusData will sell its wide area fixed network and data operation center, a minimum of 1.3 million automated gas meter reading transmitters, and provide services to IMServ. The contract is expected to generate over $50 million in revenue over the initial build-out period of 36 months.

IMServ will install, provide, own and operate the NexusData fixed wide area network, enabling IMServ to collect meter readings from gas meters within Atlanta Gas Light Company’s (AGLC) service territory in the State of Georgia. AGLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of AGL Resources, Inc.

“We are extremely pleased that AGLC and IMServ have selected the NexusData Fixnet solution to meet the data acquisition needs of AGLC, its customers and marketers in the Atlanta region,” said Gary MacDowell, CEO of NexusData. “This unique partnership of NexusData, IMServ and AGLC has forged a strong relationship among industry leaders, demonstrating the power, effectiveness and economy of wide-area networks in AWe look forward to the success this will bring to all three firms.”

“As market leaders in their respective spaces, AGLC and Invensys’s adoption of NexusData’s technology marks a progressive landmark in the utility industry. Through this alliance, NexusData is positioning itself as a major player in the vast AMR market,” said Yaron Sheinman, Chairman of the Board of NexusData.

As legislation impacts utilities’ operations, companies will need to change how they sell energy in a way that adds value; making sure to deliver data in the proper format, to the right places and to deliver it in a way that optimizes the performance of their users. By operating NexusData’s AMR technology for data collection and IMServ’s data mart, IMStar, IMServ will be able to provide AGLC the service of reading, capturing and providing accurate and detailed daily information about their utility customers.

“After a detailed process of evaluating the NexusData AMR technology, we are pleased to work with NexusData to supply us with cost-effective, state-of- the-art AMR technology to install for data collection. The data we collect and process with IMStar will enable AGLC to improve customer service and its internal operations. We are certain that NexusData’s technology will aide IMServ in our goal of providing tremendous added-value services to our customers,” said Mike Booth, President of IMServ.

When completed, this project will be larger than any other gas AMR project reported in the latest (2001) edition of “The Scott Report: AMR Deployments in North America,” the AMR industry’s most reliable and complete reference.

About NexusData

NexusData provides low-cost wireless wide area data collection and information management solutions for the utility industry. The solutions include long-range transmitters, highly sensitive receivers and a Data Operations Center to capture information for gas, electric and water meters. NexusData is a subsidiary of Nexus Telocation Systems Ltd., which develops, manufactures, and markets low energy wireless communications and location systems through application of digital spread spectrum technologies. For more information on NexusData’s technology and services, visit the Web site at

About IMServ

Invensys Management Services, IMServ, is a energy services company that helps water, natural gas and electric utilities, energy service providers, and corporations achieve greater operating efficiencies, manage risk, and deliver superior service to end users by providing a full spectrum of end-to-end data management, metering services, and billing solutions. IMServ is an operating company of Invensys plc, a global leader in the automation and controls industry. For more information on IMServ, please visit

About Atlanta Gas Light Company

Atlanta Gas Light Company is the largest natural gas distributor in the Southeast and provides delivery service to more than 1.5 million customers in Georgia. It also is the primary subsidiary of AGL Resources, a regional energy holding company with operations throughout the Southeast, including Chattanooga, Tennessee and the Hampton Roads area of Virginia. Although natural gas distribution is AGL Resources’ core business, it also is engaged in other energy-related businesses, including retail energy marketing, retail and wholesale propane sales. AGLC’s home page address on the Internet is


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