Nighthawk Systems Inc. announces shipment of pilot program for its load control product to Duquesne Light Co.

DENVER, July 29, 2002 – Nighthawk Systems, Inc. has shipped a pilot load control program to the Duquesne Light Company of Pittsburgh.

The 100 unit pilot project is being deployed this summer for evaluation and testing throughout the season. The Nighthawk NH2 Load Control Receivers will be installed on residential air conditioning units allowing the utility to remotely turn the units off during periods of high electrical demand.

Myron Anduri, Executive Vice President of Sales, of Nighthawk Systems states, “We are very pleased that Duquesne selected Nighthawk for this project. Utility load control is a perfect application for our paging based remote controls. We are confidant that we offer the lowest overall cost solution to electric utilities implementing load reduction programs.”

Nighthawk Systems, Inc. has developed specific remote control products for Electric Utility load control applications. These products allow utilities to remotely control residential and commercial loads during periods of high electrical use. This helps a Utility reduce overall load on its system and avoid localized blackouts or the purchase of high cost power on the spot market.

Nighthawk Systems, Inc., based in Denver, Colorado, designs and manufactures, fully integrated, easy to use, “plug and play” wireless remote controls that can remotely switch “on” or “off” virtually any electrical device.

A leader in wide area wireless remote control, Nighthawk Systems, Inc. has deployed products worldwide, being used for a myriad of applications within the utility, telecommunication and computer/IT industries, as well as thousands of products distributed through its custom applications capabilities with government, industrial, and commercial customers.

For more information on Nighthawk Systems, Inc. see: or contact: Steve Jacobson at 303-337-4811.


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