NISC selects ESG for data processing services for 2 Texas co-ops

PEMBROKE, Mass., May 8, 2002 — Energy Services Group (ESG) on Wednesday announced that National Information Solutions Cooperative (NISC) has selected ESG to provide electronic data processing services for two of its member co-ops in the ERCOT regions, Nueces Electric and San Patricio Cooperatives.

ESG will test and certify the co-ops in the ERCOT service territory as well as process all customer data and billing for their customers in Texas.

ESG is an energy transaction clearinghouse, connecting over 100 utilities and energy retailers with transaction management services for competitive natural gas and electricity markets.

Nine of ERCOT’s active energy companies utilize ESG’s clearinghouse services to support their transaction requirements in the Texas market. ESG is recognized by ERCOT market participants for its leadership, quality of service, and ability to support the complex Texas data exchange and billing requirements, all of which were important factors in NISC’s decision.

Headquartered in St. Peters, Missouri, NISC provides customer information systems, billing, financial, engineering, mapping and other services to over five million energy and telecommunications consumers in 48 states. NISC is recognized as a national information solutions leader for consumer-owned utilities and provides billing for approximately 50 percent of all “rural meters” in the United States.

“Operational flexibility and expertise is critical when servicing our member utilities in energy markets across the country. We need the ability to quickly enter deregulated markets, meet the data exchange and billing requirements of distribution companies, and be able to offer our customers a wide range of innovative solutions.” said Randy Schroder, NISC’s Energy Solutions Manager. “ESG’s experience processing customer data in Texas, as well as the flexibility and maturity of their outsourcing model, made ESG the right solution for us.”

“We are extremely excited about working with NISC to help their member cooperatives with the complex transaction protocols of the ERCOT market,” said Nate Owen, CEO of ESG. “NISC has been a leader in the cooperative market for a long time, and our combined services will help clients become more efficient, effective, and competitive.”

About Energy Services Group
Energy Services Group, with headquarters in Massachusetts and offices in Houston, is the provider of Outsourced EDI and Billing Services tailored to meet the requirements of competitive natural gas and electricity markets. For more information, visit their Web site at

About NISC
At National Information Solutions Cooperative, the focus is service and information technology solutions that enable Member-Owners to excel in customer service, maximize diversification opportunities, and compete effectively in the changing energy and telecommunications industries.

As a cooperative, NISC is owned by the users of its systems, the Member-Owners, providing a working relationship and inside understanding on industry operations, changes and requirements. NISC’s software and hardware solutions include Internet bill payment and presentation, graphical and mobile mapping systems, activity costing systems, energy deregulated billing, telecommunications switch provisioning and many others. For more information, visit the Web site at

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