NRC approves power uprate for Seabrook station

WASHINGTON, D.C., March 3, 2005 — The Nuclear Regulatory Commission has approved a request by FPL Energy Seabrook to increase the generating capacity of Seabrook Station by 5.2 percent. The NRC staff determined that FPL could safely increase the reactor’s power output primarily by upgrading minor plant components. NRC staff also reviewed FPL evaluations that showed the plant’s design can handle the increased power level.

The NRC’s safety evaluation of the plant’s proposed power uprate focused on several areas, including nuclear steam supply systems, instrumentation and control systems, electrical systems, accident evaluations, radiological consequences, operations, and other technical specification changes.

The power uprate for the unit, located 13 miles south of Portsmouth, N.H., will increase its generating capacity from approximately 1115 to 1173 megawatts electric. FPL intends to operate Seabrook at the higher power level following its spring refueling operations.

NRC previously published a notice about the power uprate application in the Federal Register providing the public an opportunity to comment or request a hearing. No comments or hearing requests were received by the NRC. The agency’s evaluation of the Seabrook uprate will be available through the NRC’s ADAMS electronic document database by entering ML050140453 on this Web page:

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