NRG, EnBW to bid for east German utility Veag

Germany’s E.ON and the merging RWE and VEW have to sell their stakes in Veag for antitrust reasons by Dec. 13. Multiutility giant RWE is acquiring VEW in a deal worth some $20 billion.

ATLANTA, Ga., Oct. 3, 2000–General Electric Company has acquired approximately 98 percent of the outstanding ordinary shares and ADSs of Smallworldwide plc pursuant to a tender offer that expired on Monday. Holders of Smallworld ADSs and ordinary shares which remain outstanding may tender their shares during a subsequent offer period, which commences Oct. 3 and will expire at 9:30 a.m., New York City time and 2:30 p.m., London time, on Tuesday, October 31, 2000.

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