OATI Energy Transactions Surpass One Million Mark

The NERC has required the use of transaction tags for all energy interchange transactions conducted in the Eastern Interconnection of the North American power grid since the process was established in the fall of 1999, and since this past April for transactions in the Western Interconnection. The tags document the contracted delivery path, the time period for the energy delivery, the amount of electricity to flow, and identify the right to use the transmission system as defined by the Federal Energy Regulator Commission (FERC) Orders 888 and 889 Open Access Same Time Information System (OASIS) requirements.

CORVALLIS, Oregon—Technology startup At Work Computers (AWC), manufacturer of ruggedized Windows CE handheld computers for extreme outdoor and industrial applications, has announced that Itronix (Spokane, Washington), the world’s leading supplier of mission-critical wireless field automation technologies to mobile workforces, will resell AWC’s Ranger Series of rugged Windows CE handheld computers under its Husky name. The new Husky FS/4 will incorporate the latest in mobile computing technology, including Intel StrongARM CPU’s and the Microsoft Windows CE operating system.

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