Ontario Power Generation selects real-time data historian for 77 power plants

CHICAGO, Ill., January 14, 2002 — Industrial Peer-to-Peer LLC today announced that Ontario Power Generation (OPG) has signed a corporate license agreement that will allow them to install the eDNA real-time data historian in each of its 77 nuclear, hydroelectric and fossil generating stations.

With the data historian, OPG can now update information systems and improve operational efficiency, helping decrease costs and increase revenue in Ontario’s soon to be deregulated electricity market. The partnership comes at a critical time as OPG prepares for deregulation in Canada, meant to increase accountability and efficiency in the electricity market.

“As one of the largest power generators in North America, OPG is a progressive and respected leader in the power generation industry. We are proud to have eDNA utilized across the company as it prepares for deregulation,” said John Kalanik, president of both InStep Software and Industrial Peer-to-Peer. “OPG’s selection of eDNA emphasizes its continued commitment to providing efficient and cost-effective electrical power to Canada’s businesses and consumers.”

Before eDNA, forward-thinking OPG sought a corporate-wide standard for collecting and organizing accurate, real-time data from its various plant units. With eDNA, OPG can now store all real-time data in one central location, making critical information accessible to executives more effectively. Plant managers and executives can simply click on an icon to see which power plants are operating and how much they are generating.

eDNA captures, archives and time-stamps mountains of historical and real-time data from utility and industrial plant equipment and systems operations sources, including heat rates, fuel costs and transmissions. eDNA makes OPG’s time-sensitive data accessible-via the Web throughout the enterprise and integrated with other systems for preventative maintenance, forecasting and other reporting and analytical functions.

Upon approaching deregulation, OPG needed to more efficiently monitor how its plants were performing and profiting at any given moment. Using eDNA, OPG can establish various enterprise-wide processes that, for example, allow executives to detail real-time plant information to the electric distributor for revenue collection.

Further, through eDNA’s unique compression technology, OPG can also access unlimited amounts of archived data for forecasting, preventative maintenance management and regulatory support documentation.

This license agreement is secondary to the decision made earlier this year to implement the software as the preferred decision support tool in OPG’s Niagara hydroelectric and Nanticoke fossil plants.

“At the Niagara and Nanticoke plants, OPG saw eDNA’s strong capabilities in the areas of preventative maintenance, forecasting and operational efficiency,” said Kalanik. “Ultimately, they recognized that eDNA could deliver even more value when distributed throughout the enterprise, decreasing costs and increasing revenue on a corporate level.”

About Industrial Peer-to-Peer
Industrial Peer-to-Peer (IP2) www.ippc.com is a wholly owned subsidiary of InStep Software. IP2 focuses solely on expanding and enhancing the eDNA software product. As a decision support tool, eDNA enables companies to acquire, archive and analyze historical and real-time data related to energy production and consumption.

About InStep Software
Headquartered in Chicago and with an office in Arroyo Grande, Calif., InStep Software LLC, www.instepsw.com, is a provider of engineering-based software products and consulting solutions for the power generation, telecommunications and process industries.

About Ontario Power Generation
Ontario Power Generation is an Ontario based company, whose principal business is the generation and sale of electricity to customers in Ontario and to interconnected markets.

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