Orion Lighting earns business friend of the environment award

Plymouth, Wis., May 21, 2002 — Orion Lighting & Energy Services was named one of nine Wisconsin companies who received The Wisconsin Business Friend of the Environment Award for outstanding achievements in environmental protection.

“These winners are representative of the shared attitude throughout the Wisconsin business community that the environment is a valued partner to protect and support,” said Jeff Schoepke, director of the Wisconsin Environmental Working Group, the affiliate of Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce which sponsors the annual awards.

“Taking care of the environment is smart business, as well as the right thing to do as a member of the community.”

By reducing large amounts of electricity consumption, Orion and the Orion Virtual Power Plant has had a profound effect on pollution prevention in Wisconsin. In May 2001, the Illuminator won the Spirit of Ecology award at the 32nd Annual Governor’s New Product Award program.

According to the EPA formula, Orion has provided a major source of energy efficiency (i.e. lighting comprises between 40-50% of a commercial customers electric bill) to many manufacturing, warehousing, and distributing facilities throughout Wisconsin. This means that the 50% reduction in energy consumption for lighting generally delivered by Orion’s Illuminator Series represents a significant reduction in carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxide, and mercury.

Each of these pollutants causes environmental damage. Carbon dioxide causes global warming, sulfur dioxide causes acid rain, and nitrogen oxide causes both acid rain and smog. According to Orion’s Director of Communication, Stephen Heins, “Orion believes that sound environmental practices can make even better business sense. By saving on electrical consumption and costs, Wisconsin will need fewer new power plants, and at the same time, Wisconsin businesses can improve their bottom lines.”

For example, Bemis Manufacturing of Sheboygan Falls, WI has completed a lighting retro-fit with Orion, which reduces the pollution levels by 4,725.22 tons of Carbon dioxide, 17.36 tons of sulfur dioxide, and 40.27 tons of nitrogen oxide. Overall, the Bemis project is the equivalent of planting 1,156 acres of trees annually, or removing 892 cars from the road each year, or saving 572,753 gallons of gasoline each year.

In another example, Kohler completed the installation of the Orion Virtual Power Plant for its Generator Division in 2001. Once done, this project decreased the air pollution and environmental damage by 3,148 tons of carbon dioxide, 12 tons of sulfur dioxide, and 27 tons of nitrogen oxide. The Kohler lighting project has the same effect on the environment as annually planting 770 acres of trees, or removing 595 cars from the road each year, or saving 381,573 gallons of gasoline each year.

“In the last 4 1/2 years, Orion has done hundreds of energy efficient projects, which have displaced approximately 42 Megawatts (42,000 KW) of electricity with a decrease in air pollution and environmental damage of 251,899 tons of carbon dioxide, 926 tons of sulfur dioxide, and 2,147 tons of nitrogen oxide each year,” stated Neal Verfuerth, President of Orion Lighting. According to EPA guidelines, this is the equivalent of annually planting 61,627 acres of trees, or removing 47,573 cars from the road every year, or saving 30,533,236 gallons of gasoline each year.

“On behalf of the 35 dedicated members of Orion, we truly appreciate the Wisconsin Environmental Working Group’s recognition for our commitment to finding long term energy solutions that benefit our customers and the environment.”

About Orion
Orion Lighting and Energy Services has been in business since 1996. Orion is an “Independent Power Reducer,” or IPR, and an “energy services company,” (ESCO), who manufactures and markets several patented energy efficient lighting solutions for the hospitality, agriculture, manufacturing, warehousing, and commercial markets. Orion provides capacity displacement solutions for supply side management, transmission management, and demand side management for the electricity industry. For more information access the Web site at www.orionlighting.com

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