Pacific Gas & Electric Co. offers free online energy-efficiency analysis tools

SAN FRANCISCO, July 1, 2002 — Pacific Gas and Electric Co. has launched new, online tools on its web site,, designed to help customers use energy more efficiently and save money.

The free online tools give customers rapid, customized energy-efficiency analyses of their homes and small to medium-sized businesses, enabling them to keep their summer electric bills lower.

“These online tools give instantaneous feedback and provide a cutting-edge alternative to traditional mail-in type energy-efficiency surveys,” said Anlin Ting-Mason, vice president of PG&E’s Internet and Energy Program Services. “The personalized tools give the customer more flexibility to analyze their usage while offering precise advice on the most efficient ways to save money and energy — some of them no-cost and low-cost.”

Customers should find the user-friendly surveys fun and easy to complete. Definitions of key terms are available by scrolling over the words. Helpful graphics show how age of appliances and lifestyle affect energy costs. Both residential and business customers have the option to perform a quick survey and a more detailed survey, depending on their needs.

The residential surveys take into consideration specific information, such as the weather in customers’ zip codes. The home survey tailors information by asking for the number of rooms, age of home, type of heating, square footage and temperature setting to give a detailed analysis on cost, and explain how that cost compares to similar homes in the customer’s area.

Calculators help customers evaluate the energy costs and potential savings of home appliances such as refrigerators, heating and cooling systems, room air conditioning, clothes washers and thermostats.

The free online business tools offer recommendations on buildings, rental space and equipment to help businesses find solutions to their individual situations. Business owners or renters can analyze and compare usage of similar businesses.

The tools will examine each aspect of a facility’s energy use, such as heating, cooling, lighting, the building shell, and various other pertinent applications of energy dollars.

Business customers can also find out how to improve energy-efficiency for a variety of businesses from auto shops to bakeries to warehouses. Case studies give specific examples of efficiency projects. Customers can also learn how similar businesses using the same amount of energy have reduced usage and saved money.

“Our customers tell us that they want help finding ways to save money on their energy bills, and they want information and applications on that are easy to find and to use,” said according to Steve Phillips, PG&E’s director of Internet Services. “We’re pleased to provide these new energy analysis tools as one way to meet our customers’ needs.”

For more energy saving tips, please visit our website at or contact the Smarter Energy Line at 1-800-955-9333.

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