Pacific Northwest’s Cascade Natural Gas completes installation of enterprise software

DENVER, Colo., March 8, 2002 – Cascade Natural Gas Corp., a local distribution company serving almost 200,000 customers in the Pacific Northwest, has announced the successful on-time and on-budget implementation of Mincom’s enterprise solution, Mincom Ellipse.

The event marks the ‘go-live’ of Mincom Ellipse 5.2, the latest version of the technology solution providers’ flagship enterprise management system of maintenance, materials, financials, human resources and accounting/payroll.

Cascade’s Vice President of Information Technology, Linda Cies, said Cascade’s multi-state Pacific Northwest natural gas distribution network required a solution that integrates seamlessly with its operations and would grow over time. “From a functional point of view, Mincom Ellipse is a good fit that provides Cascade cost value and functionality,” Cies said.

Cascade’s 125 concurrent users, from the Seattle area all the way to offices in eastern Washington and central Oregon, are reaping the benefits of an integrated system that links plant assets to maintenance and repair schedules to workers to purchasing.

“With the successful go-live of Mincom Ellipse, Cascade is poised to make sizable efficiency improvements in its maintenance and business operations. Those savings will provide a substantial return on investment that will achieve full payback for the Mincom Ellipse package within eighteen months,” said Rick Rogers, Mincom’s North American Vice-President of Utilities and Mining.


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