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Wastewater Utility Automates with CMMS

The Detroit Department of Water and Sewerage is installing a new, computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) provided by TSW International. In addition to managing the processing of millions of gallons of wastewater a day, the CMMS will also maintain the plant`s physical assets. The new system will enable the wastewater utility to achieve process and productivity improvements by effectively utilizing all of their capital assets, including equipment and personnel.

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The May/June issue marks its first birthday--hopefully the first of many milestones that we`ll celebrate in the years ahead.

SCADA: Its Not Quite Dead Yet

There was a time when the traditional Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems adequately managed electric utilities` generation and transmission assets. But that time is gone, according to George Wren of Metricom Inc. Wren insists that distribution automation in today`s information-laden utility industry is no longer synonymous with present SCADA models. Therefore, a `not-very-gradual phasing out of the SCADA model` within the utility industry in favor of a more responsive distr

New Role for Automation and Control Suppliers in an Era of Global Utility Industry

As the domestic and global electric utility industry moves quickly toward structural change, automation and control suppliers are also faced with new challenges and opportunities.

Do What You Do Best

Business and management consultants find new issues to target like politicians in an election year. The result seems to be a lot of posturing, a new way to package an old concept and sometimes a solution that works better than a traditional approach.

Sharing the Risk of a GIS Investment

The combination of a competitive marketplace, flat growth projections, shareholder demands and regulatory initiatives are forcing electric utility executives to make tough decisions when it comes to making technology investments and allocating scarce dollars. The days of cost-plus regulation, franchise-protected service territories and the notion of the customer as "ratepayer" are virtually gone.

Optimizing the Technology Migration Process

The process used by many utilities to evaluate and plan their investments in new automation and telecommunications technology is not only an arduous one, but also one where rationalizing the costs for migration labor, planning and supervision can pose even greater challenges. Moreover, it is not always possible to replace existing systems within a time frame that is acceptable to all of the parties involved, further complicating an already difficult task. EZH, a large electric utility in the Net

Grabbing the TIGER by the Tail

All eyes in the power industry turned to the east in September, as DA/DSM(TM) Asia and POWER-GEN(TM) Asia landed in Singapore. The much-hailed Asian power market drew record numbers of attendees--topping 7,000--as industry leaders converged on the premiere events for the electric power market in Asia.

Latin America Sees Growth in SCADA Implementations

According to a recent study conducted by CSR Market Data Services (the Central/South American Electric Utility SCADA/EMS Market Data Report, April 1995), electric utilities in the Central/South American region are planning to invest $287 million in the 30-month period beginning April 1995, on 101 automated-control systems such as supervisory control and data acquisition/energy management systems (SCADA/EMS).

Utilities Consider Communications-Enabled Services

What types of value-added services will customers demand from their energy services providers in an environment driven by the power of choice? Perhaps they would like to save time and money by starting the dishwasher while at work. Maybe they will prefer the convenience of bundling diverse household services such as energy, telephony, entertainment and data services. Tomorrow`s customers might demand interactive services such as remote billing and real-time energy usage monitoring through person