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Non-licensed SCADA Radios

The Long Ranger 2000 from Utilicom uses spread spectrum radio frequency technology with hybrid spreading techniques for enhanced interference immunity reliability and range. A variety of host interfaces are provided for integration with any SCADA system. No FCC licensing is required.


The 32-bit RISC microprocessor makes it possible for JDL`s plotter to receive, process, plot, cut and stack an E-size HP-GL/2 drawing in one minute. AutoCad and MicroStation drawings are plotted in under a minute. Plotter outputs 400 by 400 dpi plots up to 36 inches wide. Comes standard with a 420 MB hard drive and 36 MB Ram that is expandable to 100 MB. Plotter offers automatic plot rotation, intelligent nesting, mirror image, 99 copies, reduction and enlargement from 5 to 500 percent. The 256

Programmable Load Controller

Scientific-Atlanta and Honeywell have enhanced the SuperStat programmable load controller. Controller operates on low voltage and installation costs are less than for traditional load control devices. When the system operates in direct-load control, the linear control feature makes a transition in and out of load control which minimizes the impact on the power distribution system during a "shed" or "recovery" command. In the real-time pricing mode, the controller accepts a message that notifies

Remote Data Acquisition for High Channel Counts

National Instruments offers two products that add remote communications to its current remote or distributed data acquisition application systems. The SCXI-2000 chassis and the SCXI-2400 module add an RS-485/RS-232 interface for long-distance communications that are compatible with the PC serial port. System monitors voltage levels, strain, temperature and position and can also perform dynamic signal measurement like transferring the snapshot of a waveform signal. The remote networking capabilit

Software Additions Enhance Data Collection

PSI has added a Windows-based software package that provides utilities with a turnkey energy reporting package, a graphical interface for geographical mapping functions, database management tools and a data export function to popular spreadsheet software. Software allows existing PSI system to gather and view energy data from solid-state meters. Data collection function can operate in a completely unattended mode. Software supports two-way communications to remote meters including sequential dia

Updated Software for GIS and Mapping

ESRI has updated its GIS and mapping software with extensions that support sophisticated spatial and network analysis. Other features include ways to display and visualize map data thematically, data creation and editing enhancements, enterprise client/server database management system access and enhanced CAD data integration including direct support MicroStation DGN files. Current users who purchase the software after April 1, 1996, will receive a free upgrade.

Wide-area, Centralized Automatic Meter Reading

The STAR system by Hexagram provides true centralized reading of gas, water and electric meters. Installed equipment costs are comparable to typical walk-by or drive-by systems and meter reading costs are estimated to be less than two cents per meter, per month. Each meter is read daily and the data is automatically sent to a central location using high-power, narrow-band transmitters. In a typical urban or suburban area, the data collector can support several thousand meters. Battery-operated

In-Home Energy Monitoring on Trial

Brooklyn Union has announced that it is joining Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E), Tele-Communications Inc. (TCI) and Microsoft Corp. in testing an energy information service known as "EIS." Customers using the service in Brooklyn Union`s territory will be able to monitor and manage their household energy consumption using personal computers.

LCRA Provides Access on a New Radio Network

The Lower Colorado River Authority (LCRA), Austin, Texas, was formed by the State of Texas in 1934 as a Water Reclamation District and wholesale electric services provider. It serves approximately 800,000 Central Texans through 44 wholesale customers. They have recently agreed to purchase two-way radio equipment from Ericsson in a contract worth up to $34 million as LCRA expands its core business as a wholesale electricity provider to parts of 58 counties in Central Texas. With plans to install

Macs and PCs Talk Through Wireless LAN

Digital Ocean Inc., Digital Equipment Corp. and Lucent Technologies have joined forces to provide the first wireless LAN that embraces both Apple and PC platforms. With this new system, organizations with mixed platform environments can use a single, wireless access point to support both Intel- and Macintosh-based wireless devices.