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Digital Multimeter Receives Safety Rating

New digital multimeter from Metrix Instruments has received the safety rating of "intrinsically safe" for use where flammable gas may be present. A patented low-compression sealing system that uses lateral forces rather than pressure from screws keeps contaminants away from sensitive circuitry inside the meter. Case perimeters, push buttons, rotary switch and battery compartment are all separately sealed to prevent contamination. To guard against contact with live leads, a patented device keeps

Docking Station for Pen Computer

Kalidor has added a smart docking station for connection to its pen-based computer. Docking station offers an intelligent I/O controller and uses high-speed wireless infrared technology compatible with the Infrared Data Association standards. Three configurations are available for different applications. Quick-charging circuitry recharges pen computer in less than two hours. Docking station supports three COM ports for improved connectivity, an enhanced parallel port and off-the-shelf PS/2 style

Intelligent Remote Devices

By combining the functions of RTU`s, PLC`s and IES, DAQ`s next generation of intelligent remote devices is designed to meet the demands of SCADA, substation network and distribution automation. The system features distributed processing modules, inbuilt high speed ARCNet LAN, user configurable logic and advanced transducerless power system measurements. The real-time, pre-emptive, multitasking operating system has application programming interface for advanced algorithms and is capable of suppo

Metering Transponder

New integrated metering transponder from Distribution Control Systems can be retrofitted to existing meters or used as a complete AMR meter. Device is available with an integrated 200-A switch allowing remote service disconnect or reconnect. Transponders can reliably communicate more than 85 miles on the powerline without repeaters or network conditioning.

Monitoring System

New monitoring system from Bently Nevada Corp. has been designed to provide a highly reliable configuration designed to meet critical safety shutdown requirements worldwide. Up to 58 channels of vibration data can now be placed in a standard 19-inch EIA rack. System includes an optional communications gateway that supports different protocols and allows the addition of future protocols. Gateway also permits redundant communications gateways for multiple links back to a plant distributed control

Multiple Address System Radio

The multiple address system radios from Alligator communication now can be used in multiple repeater configurations which allows RF signal transmission over and around large path obstructions such as hills, mountains and buildings. Master radios that are configured as repeaters use the same single pair of frequencies on a time share basis. Repeater diagnostics software can be used remotely with a PC-type computer. Because the diagnostic routine can be carried out over-the-air, it is not necessar

Portable Printer in a New Size

MicroFlash printer from O`Neil Product Development now offers a 3-inch receipt version in addition to its 2-inch receipt model. Printer uses an off-the-shelf battery and the latest in infrared technology. Can be attached to belt for easy access. Printer can sustain a drop of 6 feet to concrete with damage. Works with any hand-held, notebook computer or personal digital assistant.

Software for Simplifying Automation

RealFlex 4 by BJ Software Systems is real-time, PC-based SCADA software featuring redundant networking, hot standby with automatic failover, trending and on-line configuration utilities. Software is designed for feeder control as well as substation and distribution automation applications. Software is used to automate alarming, metering, switching, line selection and load management. Software allows monitoring for breakers, transformers and IEDs from local or remote locations.

Trade-in Program forAlarm Autodialers

RACO Manufacturing and Engineering Co. now offers a trade-in that extends a $300 trade-in allowance for any make autodialer applied toward the purchase of a new Verbatim remote monitoring and control system. The used autodialer can be any make, model or in any condition. Verbatim automatically calls up to 16 phone numbers over a standard telephone network whenever alarm conditions are detected. System has data logging to a local printer and can be configured for SCADA operation.

Ultrasonic Flowmeter with Microprocessor

Flowmeter from Dynasonics operates on dirty as well as potable water applications. Using ultrasonic technology, waterproof flowmeter can accurately monitor flows without adequate straight run of pipe. A microprocessor simplifies programming meter for line size and flow rate. The backlit digital indicator displays gpm, mgpd, fps and metric scales. Also includes a replaceable desiccant cartridge.