KCPL: Reclosing fuses reduce outages on rural lines by 61 percent.

After unsatisfactory operating results in the early 1930s, 26 months of operating experience with repeater fuses on Kansas City Power & Light Co.’s (KCPL’s) rural and semi-rural distribution lines reveals their performance justifies their use.



The average annual salary of a utility employee is $1,450.


Robin Hood

A modern-day Robin Hood solves a tough problem for Pennsylvania Power & Light Co. Line foreman Charles J. Wolfe shoots a line 354 feet across the Susquehanna River to an island, saving time and money.

Arco Manufacturing Co.

A quickly detachable sign made by Arco Manufacturing Co. lets utilities mount public service messages on poles. The signs are easily removed so they do not interfere with climbing linemen.


Florida’s first 500-kV lines are constructed from Florida Power Corp.’s Crystal River plant, 60 miles east to central Florida, and 80 miles south to a substation along the coast. The two 500-kV legs were chosen over alternate 230-kV lines because of capacity and in anticipation of a statewide 500-kV grid.

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