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“Predictive analytics is part art and part science, requiring a great amount of time and resources to achieve the significant rewards that are available.”

-Mike Madrazo, Silver Spring Networks, in Electric Light & Power Executive Digest

“This is a step toward the redesign of the power grid. We are seeing a shift from a one-way centralized system to a two-way decentralized system.”

-California ISO President and CEO Steve Berberich, after FERC approved CAISO’s first-ever tariff changes for distributed energy resources

“We usually see a spike in demand at general elections-last year we saw 900 MW. But this is a once-in-a-generation event.”

-Jeremy Caplin, energy forecasting manager for National Grid, told Financial Times about power use raised by Britons watching coverage of vote to leave the European Union


“The Energy Research Consulting Group estimated that overall revenue for ABCs-or Aggregator, Broker and Consultant- was about $1.7 billion last year and should grow about 3 percent annually to $2 billion in 2020.”

-ERCG Report, done for The Energy Professionals Association, about growth of brokers in deregulated electricity markets

“Over 18 GW of new generating capacity will be installed nationwide through the summer, with a majority of these capacity additions coming from renewables such as wind and solar.”

-U.S. Office of Electric Reliability, “Summer 2016 Energy Market and Reliability Assessment”

“Frictions at the regulatory boundaries of each of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, and state regulators are having legal ramifications, as energy industry stakeholders seek to determine their limits-and the rules of the road-in “seams” areas such as wholesale power markets, emissions regulation of power generators and demand response compensation.”

-Scott Madden Inc., “Energy Industry Update: Neither Fish Nor Fowl”


“To Protect the Grid, You Need to Break It-@energy story on NREL cyber security initiative: “


“New liquid battery from @MIT relies on old concept-”


“Don’t make your oven do battle with your A/C. Summer + grilling outside = energy bill savings!”


“The first day of summer kicked off with our operators successfully managing a new YTD peak energy use of 112,546 MW.”


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