Partnerships, Mergers and Acquisitions

Partnerships, Mergers and Acquisitions

Itron Inc. and UK Data Collection Services Ltd. (UKDCS) announced recently the formation of a jointly owned company to provide meter data collection services. The joint venture will provide operational services in the areas of metering and energy data collection, processing, aggregation, load research, load profiling, billing and settlement in North America. The data acquisition services will be marketed to utility distribution companies, energy service providers, retail power marketers and commercial and industrial customers with multiple metering sites. Itron and UKDCS each hold a 50 percent equity interest in the joint venture. The headquarters will be in Raleigh, N.C. with regional centers opened across the country as required.

Whisper Communications has signed a memorandum of understanding with their alliance partner Schlumberger and Illinova Corp. for the deployment of a two-way automated meter reading system covering more than 1.1 million meters. The two-way customer communications system combines Whisper`s True2Way AMR components and Schlumberger`s MAPS-based central meter reading system for residential, commercial and industrial electric and natural gas customers in Illinois. The system will be installed over a 15,000 square mile area and will serve approximately 1.1 million meter points in Illinois Power`s (IP) service territory. The installation is expected to be completed over a two-year period. In the agreement, Whisper Communications` components will be integrated with Schlumberger system components and software systems. Schlumberger will manage the deployment, maintain and operate the system for the duration of the lease as well as create and utilize an information model for effective energy management, meter reading, billing and other customer driven services.

In Kuala Lumpur, the Power Transmission and Distribution Group (EV) of Siemens AG, Berlin and Munich, has signed a cooperation agreement with the Malaysian power systems company Zanwa Sdn. Bhd. concerning power transformers and a new manufacturing plant yet to be built. The Siemens subsidiary Koncar Power Transformers Ltd., Zegreb (Croatia), is a cosignatory to the contract and will be responsible primarily for technical assistance. Zenwa has been marketing and installing power systems for the last ten years, mainly for the Malaysian supply utility Tenaga Nasional Bhd. Components have largely been purchased from other vendors. In the future, Zanwa intends to manufacture transformers in the class up to 275 kV for the Malaysian Market in its own plant.

Under subcontract to Geographic Information Technology, GeoData Solutions Inc. is providing data modeling and migration assistance to GPU Energy, an electric utility holding company based in Reading, Pa. GeoData Solutions will be working closely with GPU`s internal development team to convert the company`s legacy CableCad-based GFIS system into Smallworld GIS. The translation project will entail merging different data models of GPU`s three operating companies, Jersey Central Power & Light, Metropolitan Edison Co. and Pennsylvania Electric Co., into a new Smallworld data model.

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Partnerships, Mergers and Acquisitions

Partnerships, Mergers and Acquisitions

Itron Inc. and EnergyOne, a marketing management company providing brand energy, telecommunications, security protection and information-based products and services packaged for participating utilities to deliver to customers, announced that they have signed a memorandum of understanding. It is intended that Itron`s equipment and systems for energy measurement, communication and management will become part of EnergyOne`s offering to participating utilities. It is also intended that the two parties will cooperate in new service development which EnergyOne may distribute in the future.

UtiliCorp United and Adaptive Networks Inc., Brighton, Mass., have signed a three-year licensing agreement to jointly develop advanced technology applications and bring them to the growing global energy market. Adaptive Networks provides powerline communications technology, whereby ac power lines become a communications network. The technology makes it possible to develop computer software to centrally monitor and control everything from air conditioners and cash registers to utility telemetering equipment and vending machines.

Digital Equipment Corp., Convergent Group and Smallworld Systems Inc. have formed a marketing alliance aimed at helping electric and gas utilities migrate from older, legacy GIS platforms to Smallworld`s new-generation GIS software. The alliance will also plan, deliver and integrate work management systems, outage analysis systems, mobile data solutions and other technologies that require access to the GIS`s spatial information. The alliance`s objective is to provide all the components necessary to deliver a single-source solution for the engineering and management of complex physical networks.

IBM and Geotek Communications Inc. announced agreements that will position both companies as providers of integrated mobile communications solutions, equipment and software to business customers in the United States and selected international markets. The companies also intend to offer Geotek`s Enhanced FHMA Network to telecommunications carriers worldwide. Under the agreement the two companies will work together to enhance the existing network architecture supporting Geotek`s commercial mobile radio system.

WPI Group Inc., Manchester, N.H., has acquired Husky Computers, Coventry, U.K., for $16 million cash plus $5 million in debt. The acquisition covers Husky Computers Ltd., Husky Computers Inc., Clearwater, Fla.; and Husky Computers GmbH, Germany. Husky Computers is recognized as a market leader in the manufacturing of rugged, reliable field computers. WPI sees the addition of Husky`s expertise and established reputation as an enhancement to its existing sales and technology base in rugged, handheld products. The company will be known as WPI Husky and will continue to manufacture and distribute the whole range of Husky products.

FieldTech, a provider of meter-reading solutions to the utility industry, has acquired Can Am Utility Service Corp., a turnkey provider of utility services to water, gas and electric utilities.