Peace Software’s Energy suite moves to IBM AIX platform

MIAMI, Fla., June 4, 2002 — Peace Software recently announced it is porting its open, component-based Energyâ„- suite to the IBM AIX platform.

Intensive benchmarks monitored by IBM engineers and run on the IBM pSeries690 have yielded ultra-high performance and scalability results using a production version of the Energy suite processing a complex, multi-stage meter-to-cash process.

David Samuel, general manager of IBM’s Global Energy and Utilities Industry, said, “Peace Software is undoubtedly a leader and we are working together closely to create and implement high-performance solutions for utilities and energy retailers around the world. The breakthrough performance of the pSeries690 combined with the Energy suite easily scales to smoothly process complex transactions for clients with more than five million customers.”

Further, the IBM Architecture Center of Excellence recently conducted a formal Architectural Review of the Energy suite. The review focused on Peace Software’s development process, and the Energy suite’s architecture and scalability. Peace Software and its Energy suite scored high marks from the IBM review team that was led by an IBM Distinguished Engineer.

The IBM Architecture Review Report concluded that Peace Software’s development process exploits software engineering best practices and that Peace Software engineers understand the issues and approaches for achieving a high performing solution that scales. Further, the report concluded that the multi-tier, multi-threaded Energy architecture is designed for scalability.

Brian Peace, Chairman and CEO of Peace Software, said, “We are delighted with the results of both the scalability tests and the IBM Architecture Review. The endorsement of a technology giant such as IBM validates the innovation of our development center, the largest software development organization dedicated exclusively to creating the industry’s most open, flexible and scalable CIS for participation in regulated, transitioning and competitive markets.”

The AIX version of the Energy suite will be available when Energy Version 7 ships in September 2002.

About Peace Software
Peace Software develops open, component-based CIS solutions used by utilities and retailers for business innovation in regulated, transitioning and competitive energy markets. The Energy suite can be phased into existing CIS environments and new version upgrades are available every 12-18 months. Headquartered in Miami and founded in 1984, Peace Software’s web site is

About IBM
IBM is an information technology company and offers a wide range of services, solutions and technologies that enable customers, large and small, to take full advantage of the new era of e-business. For more information about IBM, visit

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