Pentech Solutions launches energy asset management service for multi-site commercial businesses

SAN DIEGO, Calif., March 6, 2002 — Pentech Solutions, a provider of Energy Asset Management Services, has announced an enhanced product offering for multi-site commercial businesses.

Pentech’s new service helps companies with multiple locations reduce energy and operational costs associated with their energy-consuming assets, such as HVAC and lighting, without the burden of day-to-day management.

Controlling costs is essential to be competitive, particularly for operationally intensive businesses like restaurants, retail stores and banks. Volatile energy prices add to the urgency of controlling operating costs for the headquarters-based facility and operations managers who are responsible for hundreds or thousands of locations. According to E Source, an energy research and advisory services company, energy costs alone can be reduced 5 – 25% for a typical building just by improving operations and maintenance practices and fine-tuning building control systems.

“Savings of this magnitude are very compelling for operations executives and their CFO’s, yet few companies can afford the dedicated personnel required to actively manage these systems to realize the savings,” said Lynn Fryer, director of the energy information and communication practice for E Source.

Pentech’s Energy Asset Management Service shifts the burden of actively managing energy-consuming equipment from local or headquarters operations to Pentech Solutions. The company’s five-step management service goes beyond remote monitoring to actively diagnose equipment inefficiencies across many locations and take or facilitate corrective action to ensure savings.

“Our customers recognize how crucial active, hands-on management is to reduce energy, maintenance and repair costs, yet they don’t have the time or resources available for these non-core business functions,” said Tom Crews, president and CEO of Pentech Solutions. “Our enabling technology allows us to remotely gather the relevant data from each facility for analysis by our experts to ensure that our customers are optimizing their equipment’s performance. This in turn reduces their total cost of ownership of their energy assets,” said Crews.

Many multi-site commercial businesses are realizing the importance of actively managing these assets to ensure savings. Some have hired consulting firms such as Maximum Energy Services of College Point, New York, to assess where and how additional savings can be found.

“With Pentech, Maximum can provide our customers, like GE Capital Real Estate, Duane Reade Drug Stores, PC Richard Electronics and York International, the opportunity for energy, maintenance and repair savings while providing accurate measurement and verification of results. And, Maximum is able to deliver more value through a more comprehensive service,” said Len Pisano, president of Maximum Energy Services. “Partnering with Pentech provides a level of functionality and savings that until now was only available to customers with very large facilities.”

A Managed Services Approach

Pentech’s Energy Asset Management Service requires installation of the company’s patented eMAC technology at each facility. This technology collects important operational data that Pentech’s Service Bureau uses to diagnose and optimize equipment performance, as well as measure and verify savings.

The Energy Asset Management Service is a five-step approach to monitor, diagnose, control, maintain and optimize equipment for verifiable savings. As part of the service, Pentech not only reviews key indicators for out-of-norm conditions on equipment, but also remotely analyzes these indicators to evaluate performance and operating efficiencies. Control capabilities of the eMAC technology give Pentech the ability to remotely turn equipment on or off or adjust it to prevent further damage or failure.

Pentech then completes the feedback loop by correcting out-of-norm conditions or involving customers when their attention or a service call is required. The final step is to help the customer optimize equipment performance with a monthly summary of key indicators together with a set of recommended actions to improve operations and increase savings.

About Pentech Solutions
Pentech Solutions provides Energy Asset Management Services to help reduce energy, maintenance and repair costs by actively managing energy-consuming assets, such as HVAC and lighting. The company also actively diagnoses inefficiencies across many locations and take or facilitate corrective action to ensure savings — without the burden of hands-on management by local or headquarters personnel.

The company’s eMAC technology, which includes two-way wireless communications, Internet accessibility and proprietary analytics and algorithms, make the remote management service possible. Pentech Solutions is located in San Diego. For more information, visit

About Maximum Energy
Maximum Energy Services is a full service design-build energy and asset management company committed to offering its customers vertically integrated energy and facility management programs that maximize savings, improve performance and mitigate risk.

Maximum is focused on delivering best-in-class energy management solutions to its customers through technical and economic due diligence that result in measurable facility system performance improvements.

Maximum has combined its vast experience in energy and system engineering with new technologies to ensure customers are well prepared for the volatility inherent in a deregulated energy market.

For more information contact Maximum Energy Services at their Web site at

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