PJM partners with Comverge technologies to offer small energy producers new metering option

VALLEY FORGE, Pa., Sept. 6, 2001 – PJM Interconnection, L.L.C., administrator of a competitive wholesale energy market and operator of the electric grid for the mid-Atlantic region, and Comverge Technologies, a global data communications company, today announced a program that provides small energy producers a low-cost, secure wireless connection to PJM’s information systems.

PJM and Comverge Technologies have formed a partnership to create systems to allow direct communication of metered information from small energy producers (100KW to 10MW) using wireless cellular technology. These energy producers, which include renewable sources such as windmill, solar and small hydro facilities, may not have been able to fully participate in PJM’s markets because of the capital equipment costs and investment in communications infrastructure. In addition to the lower costs, small energy producers will benefit from the “instant-on” capabilities of the wireless communications network that allows for rapid deployment of new customer connections.

“PJM’s partnership with Comverge Technologies supports our goal to continually strengthen our technological capabilities so we can offer more choices to our market participants,” said Phillip G. Harris, PJM President and Chief Executive Officer. “This program will allow for greater participation in the mid-Atlantic region’s energy market.”

“PJM’s commitment to increasing reliability and advancing technical solutions such as the Comverge Distributed Connection for distributed generation monitoring and dispatch is critical to advancing in the changing energy marketplace,” said Frank Magnotti, Comverge President.

The technology consists of interfacing the customers’ revenue meter at the customers’ site with the Comverge Distributed Communications device communicating over a cellular network, then securely through the Internet into the master supervisory control and data acquisition system at PJM. Some of the benefits for the user include: non-proprietary hardware/software interfaces; industry standard protocols; economic equipment and communications costs; multiple suppliers for customer equipment; rapid deployment; and modular approach. The technology allows PJM to communicate with a broad range of external customers and combine the acquisition of real time and revenue information into one system. In short, the program simplifies the complex task of interfacing to external customer equipment.

PJM, the country’s only fully functioning regional transmission organization, operates the world’s largest competitive wholesale electricity market and one of North America’s largest power grids.

The company currently coordinates a pooled generating capacity of more than 58,000 megawatts and operates a wholesale electricity market with more than 200 market buyers, sellers and traders of electricity. To learn more, visit PJM at www.pjm.com.

Comverge Technologies, a subsidiary of Data Systems & Software Inc. provides over 5000 MW of peak load reduction to over 450 energy companies worldwide. Comverge provides end-to-end, two-way communication solutions including automated meter reading, utility and/or customer controlled appliance cycling, outage detection, load profiling, home automation, environmental monitoring and distributed generation monitoring. For more information visit Comverge’s website at www.comverge-tech.com. In addition to the energy product solutions business conducted through Comverge, DSSI is a provider of computer consulting and development services, and is an authorized direct seller and value added reseller of computer hardware.

SOURCE: PJM Interconnection, L.L.C.


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