Plexus Research Inc. guides Niagara Mohawk in 2,000,000-point metering and AMR project

Boxborough, MA, Nov. 11, 2002 — Niagara Mohawk has engaged Plexus Research for consulting engineering services to support an automatic meter reading (AMR) procurement for more than 2 million metering points.

When the Niagara Mohawk installation is complete, National Grid companies in the US will have more than 3,400,000 points of AMR installed in the Northeast US.

Niagara Mohawk’s installation will include AMR at more than 1,500,000 electric meters and more than 500,000 gas meters. The electric AMR portion of the project also includes replacing over 1,500,000 electromechanical meters in the field with 1,500,000 new residential electronic meters. This purchase of new electronic metering for residential customers, assisted by Plexus Research, Inc, is the largest such purchase by any US utility, Plexus said.

About Plexus Research, Inc. of Boxborough, MA
Plexus is a consulting engineering firm that has served the utility industry for 20 years in selected specialties. The firm is a consultant in advanced metering and AMR technologies, other customer technologies and related business, financial and strategic issues.

About Niagara Mohawk, a National Grid Company, of Syracuse, NY
Niagara Mohawk provides electric service to 1,520,000 electric customers in a 24,000 square mile service territory and 549,000 gas customers in a 4,500 square mile territory in New York State.


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