Power Measurement extends product offerings to include installation components

VICTORIA, BC, May 6, 2002 — Power Measurement, a provider of enterprise energy management systems, has extended its product line in the USA to include current transformers (CTs), voltage transformers (VTs), shorting blocks and terminal blocks.

The company now offers a range of high-quality installation components to complement its full line of ION® energy management software and intelligent metering and control devices.

The components, manufactured by EMC Electric Metering Corporation of Tulley Town, Pennsylvania, can now be ordered from Power Measurement as part of a complete power monitoring and control system. According to Rick Stetler, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Power Measurement, this addition enables the company to simplify the process of purchasing a fully integrated enterprise energy management solution.

“Now our customers can easily order a complete ION whole-product solution from a single vendor,” said Stetler. “And they can rest assured that they are receiving only the best components from a top-quality vendor; Power Measurement selected EMC Electric Metering because of that company’s high-quality components, extensive product portfolio, competitive pricing, and excellent service. We’re pleased to extend these benefits to our customers throughout the US.”

Power Measurement is a provider of enterprise energy management systems for energy suppliers and consumers worldwide. The company’s ION® web-ready software and intelligent metering and control devices comprise a complete real-time information and control network that supports billing for complex energy contracts and helps improve power quality, reduce energy costs and keep operations running enterprise-wide, 24 hours a day.

For more information, visit the Power Measurement web site at www.pwrm.com.

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