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Tulsa, Oklahoma, September 10, 2010 — The world is changing, and the world of energy is certainly no exception, as those of us who follow it closely already know.

At POWERGRID International and Electric Light & Power magazines, we are always exploring new ways to help you stay current in this quickly changing world.

That is why we have taken our electricity market news and analysis to Twitter — the social media powerhouse that adds 300,000 new users every day.

Twitter can be a powerful resource that brings you closer not only to us, but also to the movers and shakers of the electric power industry that we interact with every day.

In just a short few days, we have already made contact with energy companies, institutions and utilities such as GE, the ZigBee Alliance, Florida Power & Light, Southern Co., First Choice Power, AEP, Mid-South Energy, Dominion Virginia Power and many others — and so can you.

So follow Electric Light & Power on Twitter under the username @ELPmagazine. You can find POWERGRID International at the username @POWERGRIDmag.

While you don’t need a Twitter account to view our updates, if you do have one, be sure to follow us or send us a message so we know you’re out there — and so we know what news interests you the most.

Naturally we plan to continue bringing you the news online at elp.com and with our electronic newsletters. You can still find all of our coverage on transmission, distribution, generation, energy efficiency, renewable energy and other topics in the same formats you always have.

However, if you are already using Twitter — or even if you haven’t jumped on the social media bandwagon just yet — we have a whole new way for you to stay up to date with the energy industry news that can make all the difference to you in this fast-paced sector.

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The Clarion Energy Content Team is made up of editors from various publications, including POWERGRID International, Power Engineering, Renewable Energy World, Hydro Review, Smart Energy International, and Power Engineering International. Contact the content lead for this publication at Jennifer.Runyon@ClarionEvents.com.

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