Powertrusion and Creative Pultrusions announce manufacturing and marketing agreement

Las Vegas, NV, Jan. 23, 2006 — Powertrusion International Inc. and Creative Pultrusions Inc. (CPI) announced that they have entered into an exclusive manufacturing and marketing agreement.

Under the agreement, CPI will manufacture, to Powertrusion specifications, all of Powertrusion’s Fiberglas composite utility and telecommunications products. Manufacturing will take place at CPI’s facilities in Alum Bank, Pa. Daniel J. Lonergan, who served as Powertrusion’s VP for engineering, has joined CPI as utility product manager.

The relationship will give Powertrusion the use of CPI’s manufacturing experience and large production capability as well as direct access to CPI’s national sales and marketing program. Lonergan will provide continuity in customer support and will continue to build CPI’s network of distributors and representatives.

CPI hopes to benefit from increased usage of its production capacity and entry into the electric utility and telecommunications markets.

Powertrusion will close its plant in Las Vegas, and relocate its corporate office to Tucson, AZ. Powertrusion’s products include Fiberglas composite utility poles and cross-arms. Its pultrusion process produces very high-quality products that have the lowest coefficient of variation in the utility pole industry. CPI assisted Powertrusion in the early development of the process.

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