Poyry wins Indonesia renewables and storage deal

Poyry has won a deal for several renewable energy projects in Indonesia.

The contract is with Indonesia Power and is intended to diversify the company from its existing portfolio of coal, gas, geothermal and hydropower plants, some of which Poyry helped establish in 2016.

Now Poyry will work on a suite of clean energy projects including wind power, solar PV, battery storage, and hybrid plants twinning renewables with diesel or gas engines.

“Pàƒ¶yry is delighted to be Indonesia Power’s partner in this important project to develop renewable energy across Indonesia,” said Kishore Dass, President Director of PT Pàƒ¶yry Indonesia. 

Indonesia Power, a subsidiary company of PT. PLN, operates and maintains more than 10 GW of assets throughout Indonesia. It now wants to become “a green power generation company and a pioneer in the electrification of the Indonesian archipelago where an abundance of renewable energy resources can be found”. 

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