PPL Global, LLC signs agreement for dynamic commerce service

TAMPA, Fla., Dec. 18, 2003 — Enporion, a provider of sourcing and procurement services for the energy utility industry, has signed an agreement with PPL Global, LLC, a subsidiary of PPL Corp., to execute $5 million in Enporion Dynamic Commerce auctions.

This is the first such agreement for Enporion with an entity operating outside North America.

This agreement results from the successful use of Enporion’s Dynamic Commerce services by Western Power Distribution (WPD), PPL Global’s regional distribution company in the United Kingdom that delivers electricity to 1.4 million customers in South West England, and to 1.1 million customers in South and West Wales.

Enporion regularly conducts full-service forward and reverse auctions for energy companies. WPD began using these services early in 2003 and to date has conducted auctions saving the company more than $750K in 2003 purchasing costs.

“Building upon the initial success with Enporion that we have seen in our WPD operation, PPL Global is extending this arrangement for additional auction services,” said Roger Petersen, President of PPL Global, LLC. “Further, the arrangement provides us the opportunity to lower costs by using Enporion’s services in our operations in Chile, El Salvador, and Bolivia.”

George Gordon, Enporion Chairman and CEO, added: “Enporion customers continue to experience excellent results using online reverse auctions as a sourcing tool. This process has now evolved into a mainstream sourcing method for materials and services contracts. Increasingly, reverse auctions are being used to source services as well as highly engineered materials. We look forward to delivering the same value to PPL Global’s operations in the United Kingdom and Latin America as our U.S. clients have achieved: more competitive direct pricing and quicker cycle times.”

About Enporion

Enporion provides sourcing and procurement services to the gas and electric energy industry to complement supply chain activities and deliver bottom-line value. Enporion’s goal is to simplify the buying process and to drive operational excellence through supply chain improvement. By reducing cycle times, lowering inventories, and reducing transaction costs, buyers and suppliers will realize enhanced profitability.

Enporion buyers access new suppliers, and experience supply chain process improvements, thus lowering overall operating costs. Suppliers reap the benefit of a smoother interface and exposure to new customers, while having their voices heard through a permanent Enporion Supplier Council. The company’s Web address is www.enporion.com.

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