Procera equips ColoSpace’s new Internet data center to deliver SOX-compliant security using shared infrastructure

LOS GATOS, Calif., July 14, 2005 (PRNewswire-FirstCall) — Procera® Networks, Inc., a developer of optimized network security and compliance systems, announced that ColoSpace, a leading provider of collocation and managed services, is equipping its new Internet data center facility in the Boston area with Procera’s OptimIP intelligent network appliance systems.

Procera enables ColoSpace to offer new SOX-compliant services and open new sources of revenue that would otherwise require multiple point-systems and additional layers of infrastructure. Procera’s OptimIP intelligent network appliance provides a unique transparent application-oriented networking overlay to ColoSpace’s Cisco network infrastructure for secure VLANs partitioned for each customer’s data center requirements. The Procera appliance enables ColoSpace to rate limit and cap bandwidth on a per-application and per-use basis so that customers can allocate certain amounts of network capacity to specific tasks, such as serving web content or offering product downloads.

The first colocation data center to be constructed in New England since 2001, this state-of-the-art ColoSpace facility provides essential disaster recovery and other managed services. The new facility utilizes previously “dark fiber” installed by electric utility National Grid U.S. and lit by high-capacity communications provider OnFiber. Procera enables ColoSpace to securely provision T-3, OC-3 and higher capacities at a substantial discount over alternative providers.

“Procera’s OptimIP provides us with unique application-oriented networking capabilities to secure and provision shared infrastructure for our customers including the Boston Celtics and leading organizations in the high-tech, healthcare and financial services industries,” said Aaron Sawchuk, Chief Technology Officer of ColoSpace. “Procera enables us to offer an essential security, auditing and control overlay without disrupting our existing Cisco infrastructure. This enables our enterprise customers to implement disaster recovery operations that adhere to the SAS 70 standard in compliance with SOX 404 audit requirements and take advantage of our 100-percent uptime service level agreement with full confidence in the security of their outsourced services. Our customers are delighted to discover that they can meet their regulatory requirements and still manage costs effectively.”

ColoSpace customers include three of the nation’s top five pharmaceutical companies and five of the top 10 financial services firms. The value of OptimIP as a transparent application-oriented networking overlay to existing Cisco infrastructures is particularly well suited for the post-9/11 world. In today’s regulatory and economic environment, every company must implement disaster recovery operations and provide utmost security for confidentiality and privacy — while making certain that expensive network capacity is not wasted on non-essential uses.

“We’re extremely pleased that ColoSpace has selected our OptimIP intelligent network appliances as a core component in the first new collocation data center built in New England since the dot-com bust,” said Gary J. Johnson, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Procera Networks. “The OptimIP’s unique capabilities to secure and control shared infrastructure is a tremendous boon to managed service providers and their customers. Procera offers a new economic model to managed service providers through unique features that Cisco does not offer or that would require multiple point products to achieve.”

About ColoSpace [ ]

ColoSpace is a provider of Colocation, Application Hosting, and Managed Disaster Recovery Services in the Northeast United States. Based in Boston, MA, ColoSpace operates several geographically diverse Internet Data Centers (IDCs) throughout the region. From each IDC, ColoSpace offers an array of high-quality products and services to organizations in the healthcare, financial services, and high tech industries.

About Procera Networks, Inc. [ ]

Founded in 2001, Procera Networks, Inc. is a global provider of networking infrastructure equipment. Procera’s OptimIPà¢â€ž- family of intelligent network appliances enables businesses to dramatically reduce the total cost associated with networking, security and compliance. With Procera appliances, an enterprise can improve the efficiency of mission-critical applications (QoS), control how and what data is transported through the network and determine which employees or workgroups can access data or specific applications. Procera’s OptimIPà¢â€ž- wire-speed, intelligent network appliances are designed as cost-effective alternatives that can augment and replace multiple server-based products and for quick installation, ease of management and seamless integration with existing network infrastructures and equipment.

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