Rugged Tablet for Field Use

Xplore Technologies recently launched its latest rugged tablet, the XSLATE R12, what it calls a “next generation detachable rugged tablet PC.” Xplore incorporated specific customer feedback into its 12.5″ rugged tablet design to deliver a new mobility solution that is both powerful and reliable for public safety, manufacturing, utility, insurance and construction industry professionals. The optional SlateMate module with a Barcode Scanner, HF RFID reader and serial port will provide integrated functionality that will boost the productivity of the user. Having these capabilities included with the tablet means not having to carry additional data collection hardware. A user can quickly pull information about an asset in the field using the barcode scanner or RFID reader. The integrated serial port also allows users to connect specialized legacy hardware to the tablet, making past data easily retrievable.

Xplore Technologies


Recloser Control Test Set

OMICRON, an international company serving the electrical power industry with testing and diagnostic solutions, announced that utilities, service providers and manufacturers will now benefit from the ARCO 400-a universal plug-and-play recloser control test set. Users can easily master the challenge of testing all settings of the recloser control to ensure correct functionality in less than 15 minutes (including the test setup), even in harsh weather conditions. Key features include quick and easy testing of any recloser control; compact and lightweight rugged design making it ideal for field use; 3 x 12.5 A, 6 x 150 V amplifiers; GPS synchronized automated distribution scheme tests; and easy-to-use software for wireless control.



Remote Terminal Unit for Feeder Automation

Schneider Electric introduced the new Easergy T300 feeder automation device, a smart grid-ready solution for electrical distribution networks. It offers advanced monitoring, control and automation functions, and employs the latest communication technologies for remote and local operation, enabling utilities to minimize supply interruptions, optimize network performance and reduce operational costs. The Easergy T300 is an integrated all-in-one solution for MV/LV control and monitoring. Functions include directional and non-directional over-current detection, broken or bridged line detection, transformer (per phase) and fuse blown detection. The device also anticipates the loss of LV neutral.

Schneider Electric


Cybersecurity Training and Simulation Platform

Cyberbit has expanded its Cyberbit Range security training and simulation platform, offering hands-on training for IT security teams and business executives, so they can be operationally ready for cyberattacks. The Cyberbit Range lets enterprises, universities and governments address skills shortage concerns and dramatically improve security team responsiveness and effectiveness by providing the industry’s most engaging approach to cybertraining. The upgraded Cyberbit Range platform includes dynamic range modeling that is highly customizable, so trainees can practice in near real-life settings. Companies can now replicate their own network setup, use their actual security tools and simulate their typical network traffic, so trainees can receive the most effective and realistic training available.


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