Condenser Bushings for Power Transformers

ABB has introduced a new line of condenser bushings for use in power transformers. Manufactured in ABB’s Alamo, Tennessee, facility, the O Plus Dryà¢â€ž- bushing is a dry-type bushing, incorporating a resin impregnated synthetic (RIS) condenser body and high temperature vulcanized (HTV) silicon weather shed. RIS technology represents the latest evolution in condenser bushing design and can best be described as a refinement of resin impregnated paper (RIP) construction. Dry-type bushings, whether RIS or RIP, offer several advantages over more traditional condenser bushings, which are typically constructed using oil impregnated paper in the condenser body and porcelain insulators. The use of HTV weather sheds offers additional advantages, such as reducing the need for cleaning in highly contaminated environments and decreased susceptibility to harmful acts.



Underground Distribution Switchgear Load-Break Switches

S&C Electric Company launched new models of its Vista® underground distribution switchgear incorporating 40-kA load-break switches. These new switchgear models, which are available for 15-kV systems, offer utilities a fully submersible switching solution for underground distribution networks, allowing utilities to reduce the duration and frequency of outages in large urban areas. Almost every major city in the world has underground distribution systems that are networked together to support dense commercial and residential loads. These highly networked grids provide a high level of reliability for cities, but they also have a high fault-current potential, which makes controlling the grid in these areas a challenge for utilities. S&C’s Vista switchgear provides utilities serving large cities a new option.

S&C Electric Company


Crowbarless Power Converter

Ingeteam’s Crowbarless solution is a modular fault ride-through (FRT) system for power converters that will strengthen grid compliance of doubly-fed induction generators (DFIG). The modular FRT Crowbarless is different than the active crowbar system traditionally used to protect power converters from grid voltage transients. Most grid codes allow wind turbines to disconnect from the grid when transients in grid voltage might jeopardize the integrity of their elements, especially the power converter. Ingeteam has created a new way to deal with low capacity transmission lines (so-called weak grids) and FRT events, to remain fully grid compliant. The commonly used active crowbar is a shunt circuit composed of actively controlled switches and dissipation elements that shunt high currents. Ingeteam’s Crowbarless solution allows doubly fed induction generators to comply with the strictest grid. Coupled to a suitable selection of grid filter and control loop tuning, it can control wind turbines during transients, achieving the control required to operate in weak grids.



Personal Assistant for Smart Grid Engineers

FMTP Power introduced GridEx®, a product that is intended to make IEC 61850 easily understood for the power engineer working in the substation. FMTP developed the product after more than 20 years of experience in the industry with the G5 group (ABB, Alstom, GE, Schneider, Siemens) and involvement in several standardization activities such as UCA and IEC. Designed to support the power engineer when performing commissioning, troubleshooting and maintenance, GridEx is a digital multimeter and analyzer for smart grid. It bridges the gap between the traditional power technology and the digital communication. Network digital data is translated into upfront and intuitive information.

FMTP Power

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