PSE&G awards major OMS connectivity project to Coherent Networks

Syracuse, N.Y., March 18, 2002 — Coherent Networks Inc., which provides advanced data-management solutions to electric and gas utilities, announced today that Public Service Electric and Gas Co. (PSE&G) has selected Coherent to run a project that will create customer-to-transformer linkage for all overhead electric customers in the utility’s NJ-based service territory.

As the principal supplier of electricity and gas in New Jersey, PSE&G serves 1.6 million natural gas customers and 1.9 million electric customers. The contract includes field data-collection for the designated service area using Coherent’s FastGate Mobile software together with automated processing with its parent FastGate gateway software to establish the required customer-to-transformer linkage. The primary objective of the effort is to improve PSE&G’s outage management responsiveness and reliability.

FastGate(tm) Mobile data-capture software incorporates key data-editing and manipulation features of its parent FastGate product. The mobile software is designed for use in PocketPC handheld devices to allow fast collection and maintenance of network data for any GIS, CAD, or other asset repository system. Designed to help streamline the process of collecting, validating, and maintaining network data, FastGate Mobile works in conjunction with FastGate gateway software to improve data quality and to help utilities speed the implementation of new systems that rely on accurate, comprehensive information.

“Based on Coherent’s performance in a pilot project conducted at the end of last year, we were pleased to offer them the full OMS customer connectivity project here at PSE&G,” according to Robert Czyzewski, Distribution Business Systems Project Lead. “Coherent’s offering combines accurate yet cost-effective collection of network data in combination with an automated means of creating the customer-to-transformer linkage in our GIS system. Their solution gives PSE&G a balance of economy, accuracy, and speed. In addition, their FastGate Mobile offering gives us a sound tool for maintaining the data in our GIS.”

Fielding crews from Coherent Networks are currently using FastGate Mobile in data-collection projects that include major network connectivity and customer-to-transformer linkage projects like the one for PSE&G. The product is also being marketed for use by organizations that require a mobile data-gathering resource that records extensive network information in digital format. Use of FastGate technology allows integration of facility data, customer data, landbase information, and other data sources on-screen in the handheld display. Verified, enhanced data collected in the unit can then be directly transported into the parent FastGate environment for automated validation, enhancement, and delivery to the target system.

Useful in large-scale or small-scale data-capture initiatives, FastGate Mobile simplifies coordination of massive amounts of network data, including landbase and facility information, customer data, equipment data, and more. The software is easy to configure to the needs of individual utility clients, and it facilitates rapid creation of the electrical connectivity and customer-to-transformer linkage that are crucial to the effective operation of outage management, engineering analysis, and other utility-oriented software.

About Coherent Networks

Coherent Networks, Inc., uses gateway technology to provide data-management solutions for power utilities worldwide. The company’s main product–FastGate gateway software–offers a strategy for accessing data from diverse sources, augmenting and integrating that data, and delivering it to a wide range of target systems.

As a result, FastGate allows utilities to deploy outage management, energy management, and other enterprise systems quickly and efficiently and ensures that the data used to drive those systems is high-quality, validated information. For more information, visit

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